Whole body of Leptogenys diminuta under Stereozoom Microscope (Leica) and their bodyparts under Foldscope

Antennae 25X of L diminuta under Stereozoom Microscope (Leica)Terminal segment of Flagellum of Antennae of L diminutaFlagellomeres of Antennae of L diminutaPedicel of Antennae of L diminutaScape of Antennae of L diminutaHindleg 16X of L diminuta under stereozoom Microscope (Leica)Tarsomeres of Hindleg of L diminutaSpur of Hindleg of L diminutaTibia of Hindleg of L diminutaJoint...

Crematogaster subnuda

Different parts of Antennae and Hindleg of C subnuda dig dig dig dig dig dig dig dig dig