Arthropod Egg

Arthropod egg (initial stage) found attached on cloth viewed under foldscope Egg of the unknown arthropod viewed at different light intensity Egg (later stage) split Egg shell split during hatching Egg: at the time of hatching Egg: structure at the time of hatching Baby emerging from the egg Offspring after emergence from the egg

Aphid infestation

Aphid infestation on radish leaf Aphid of the infested leaf viewed under foldscope Aphid with distinct proboscis under foldscope Aphid : abdominal ventral part Aphid : abdominal tip with cornicle Radish leaf with different developmental stages of aphid

Whole body of Leptogenys diminuta under Stereozoom Microscope (Leica) and their bodyparts under Foldscope

Antennae 25X of L diminuta under Stereozoom Microscope (Leica)Terminal segment of Flagellum of Antennae of L diminutaFlagellomeres of Antennae of L diminutaPedicel of Antennae of L diminutaScape of Antennae of L diminutaHindleg 16X of L diminuta under stereozoom Microscope (Leica)Tarsomeres of Hindleg of L diminutaSpur of Hindleg of L diminutaTibia of Hindleg of L diminutaJoint...

Crematogaster subnuda

Different parts of Antennae and Hindleg of C subnuda dig dig dig dig dig dig dig dig dig