Foldscope workshop at Uttarbanga Krishi Viswavidyalaya and field study

We have conducted foldscope workshop at Uttarbanga Krshi Viswavidyalaya on 6th March 2019. All the Research Scholars , Professors of Plant Pathology Department were present. One foldscope has been given to the Plant Pathology Lab. UBKV. They were so happy after having this foldscope. Immediately they tried it with their prepared slide. Our students at…

Jack fruit rot studied by foldscope

Jackfruit rot collected from collegepara of Alipurduar. Second semester students studied causal organism through foldscope. Two types of pathogen are seen- Rhizopus and Aspergillus.

Foldscope workshop at Aliah University Kolkata

Aliah University, Kolkata allowed us to conduct workshop on Assembly and uses of Foldscope in Department of Biological sciences, Aliah University, Kolkata on 24th January 2019. Senior Professor of Botany ,Department of Biological science Aliah University , Professor B N Chakraborty was the convenor of the workshop. Who was former Professor of Department of Botany,…

Foldscope workshop for High School Teachers

Foldscope workshop was arranged for Teachers of secondary and higher secondary school of Alipurduar I. About 30 teachers were attended the workshop . They were so excited like children having a different experience with foldscope other than their regular routine. They observed stomata, phytoplankton, zooplankton, under foldscope. Additional DI of school, Alipurduar District helped to…

Phytoplankton from Sample 56 under foldscope

Sample 56, water sample collected from a small river called Chopro nadi (called by local people). The area is very near to Mathura tea garden of Alipurduar I. Good number of phytoplankton are observed under foldscope like Closterium, Spirogyra, Oscillatoria, Suriella, Pinnularia and Zygnema.

One more workshop in winter camp organized by Alipurduar Nature club

We Organised one more workshop in winter camp organized by Alipurduar Nature club in Jayanti river bed of Jayanti hill. 92 students of about 30 different Institutions of different part of West Bengal participated the camp from 26th to 31st Dec 2018 . We conducted “Introduction of Foldscope to Explore Nature ” on 28th Dec…

Twinning programme with North East PI

PI and Co-PI of DBT-Foldscope project , Kabo Nazrul Vidyabhan, Telimura, Tripura with their students  visited  to our Department and participated the workshop “Foldscope as a study and research tool “. In the 2nd half students of both Institutions visited a pond of ward no. 3 of Alipurduar municipality and learnt how to collect water…

When Diatom in action

Movement of Navicula was captured under foldscope from samples number 18. The sample was collected from a road side nayunjuli of Patotola area of Alipurduar West Bengal.

Our Fourth Workshop on Foldscope at Dinhata College

We have a good experience at Dinhata College  where we arranged our 4th foldscope workshop on 20th September 2018. Students as well as teachers were  were so eagerly awaited to listen foldscope and were so humble to observe under foldscope and capturing picture of the sample  by touching their phone’s screen . They observed pollen…

Our 3rd foworkshop at Department of Botany, NBU

This is our 3rd  foldscope workshop in Department of Botany, North Bengal University on 10th September 2018. Teachers, Research Scholars and students – all were too excited  about the foldscope.  Students of Botany,  Tea Science  and Bioinfomatics were assembled in Botany Dept.  NBU to participate the workshop. They were very curious to know the easy…

Our 2nd workshop at Tufanganj college

We arranged  our 2nd workshop at Tufanganj college on 31st August 2018.  Our Co-investigator Dr Debashis Das is from Tufanganj Mavidyalaya.  About 70 students participated the workshop.  They were very curious about foldscope.  Everyone is interested to avail foldscope .They observed onion peel,  stomata, paramecium under the foldscope.

This is our 1st workshop on Assembly and uses of Foldscope  at Alipurduar College, our Institution. Students of Biological sciences were participated .  About 80 students participated the workshop.  They were so excited having foldscope and observing under foldscope . Algae,  RBC, pollen of flowers were observed.

Our 3rd workshop at Department of Botany, NBU

Department of Botany ,Alipurduar College  in collaboration with Department of Botany ,NBU organized one day workshop on “Assembly and uses of Foldscope ” on 10th September 2018. Students of Btatany , Tea Science , Bioinfomatics and Research Scholars of Botany Dept participated the workshop.  Professors of Botany Dept. NBU were present.  Students observed stomata,  onion…

Green Algae

Green algae under foldscope. Sample 10 collected from our college campus. The water is actually due to rain, slightly connected with our college pond due to heavy rain. Filaments of Spirogyra and Oedogonium.

Assembly of foldscope

Assembly of foldscope is going on . Our project assistant Ria Sen Chowdhury is leading the assembly.

Workshop on assembly and uses of Foldscope

First one day workshop was conducted in Alipurduar College, West Bengal . Students of Botany , Zoology and Biological sciences were participated. They are so exited.  Everybody is interested to avail the foldscope as it is wonderful study tool.

Foldscope picture of Mesocyclops

Mesocyclops is a copepod  of the family Cyclopodae. It is mosquito larvae eater and control mosquito biologically. It is common in pond water. Collected from a pond of Alipurduar I , WB.

Another green Alga Lalpool area

This green  alga under foldscope may  be Ulothrix, from the water sample collected from Lalpool area of Alipurduar, WB.  

Algal filament under foldscopej

This is foldscope picture an alga . It is found in water sample collected from Lalpool area of Alipurduar II,  Dist. Alipurduar of West Bengal.