Foldscope Workshop Pictures

A Foldscope workshop was organized in the Dept. of Zoology, Swami Vivekanand Government Post Graduate College, Lohaghat (Champawat), Uttarakhand with the collaboration of North East Partner Sibsagar College of Commerce, Sivsagar, Assam. This workshop was organized by Organizing Secretary Dr, Dharmendra Rathod. The Theme of this workshop was “Foldscope: A research and educational tool for…

Foldscope National Workshop with North East Partner

A National Workshop on Foldscope was organized in the Dept, of Zoology, Swami Vivekanand governmet Post Graduate College, Lohaghat, Uttarakhand on 14th December 2018. In this workshop North East Partner form Sibsagar College, of Commerce, Sivsagar, Assam Prof. S.J. Mahanta, P. J. Hazarika, Associate Dr. Ratul Datta and Dr. Haren Hazarika participated and trained the…


Pathogen found in sewage originate from two sources–soil and sanitary waste.

Living Rotifer




A tiny crustacean with an armored exoskeleton that is almost entirely transparent.