What is this?

Observed in a pond water sample, a circular organism and also seen Oscillatoria in the sample

Moving threads

Observed slender long thread like structures moving in a pond water sample. What are these, filamentous bacteria? guide me to identify these


Observed 2 different types of Euglena in college pond water sample

Fungi observed on onion through foldscope

Aspergillus on onion, collected black powder from the onion cover on to aslide, added a drop of Lactophenol blue and observed under Foldscope, Aspergillus with Hyphae and Spores.

Foldscope Puzzles (for me)

Foldscope is giving daily puzzles and each water sample is with variety of organisms in this rainy season. Observed a small creature in a water sample and it is moving very swift, creating pendulum like movement from anterior to posterior end, body looks like segmented and fore limbs like structures are seen, can see the…

What’s this cute one?

Observed a tiny ( of course all are tiny and microscopic, ) very small little one moving on Oscillotaria, (observed at 140 X of foldscope and 4x of mobile ) in a pond water sample

What is this Micro organism?

Observed a tiny organism in a pond water sample, its moving very swiftly, have feeding with the help of cilia like structures. observed a strange phenomena, its body wall broke and released egg like structures and moving

Session on Foldscope for I Yr B.Sc Zoology Students

During this week Practical class, it started raining, we just collected rain water sample from college ground and observed under foldscope, students enjoyed watching Oscillotaria, Rotifers, Euglena and Vorticella live in a tiny water drop

Rotifer , Wheel Animal

After a good rain, we took the water sample from our college ground and observed through foldscope. In this sample we found rotifer- wheel animal.



Foldscope Orientation Workshop-25 at P R Govt. College(A), Kakinada

Department of Zoology, P R Government College (A), Kakinada conducted Workshop on Foldscope Assembly and Usage for Zoology students and introduced Foldscope and its applications to the students. Students tried different permanent slides, water sample, buttermilk etc. and curious to explore more cute young kid very curiously tried to see through foldscope and enjoyed it

Foldscope Workshop -24 at CUBE Labs, HBCSE, TIFR

Introduced Foldscope to Cubists at Collaborative Undergraduate Biology Education(CUBE) labs, Homibaba Centre for Science Education(HBCSE), Tata Institute of Fundamental Research(TIFR), Mumbai in Collaborative Learning to do Experiments and Research (CLEAR)Workshop on 23.2.19 and 24.2.19. Cubists across the country from different CUBE labs like Kanpur, Delhi, Mumbai, Ranchi, Bilaspur, Goa, Guntur, Shillong and Pondichery participated in…

Simple Rs.10/- Light Source for Foldscope usage

Dear friends, I have been using this as light source in my class room and in my workshops for the past 4 months and felt very useful. so i want to share this with you all Purchased Rs.10/- torch lights from China Bazaar stall Took an empty rectangular carton box to fix the light on…

Foldscope Orientation Workshop-23 @ KBN College , Vijayawada

Organised Foldscope Orientation Workshop for UG students at KBN College(A), Vijayawada on 16.2.19. Dr.Subhashini, HOD, Dept. of Zoology and other faculty members and students participated in the workshop Students enjoyed, tried and eager to explore the microscopic world

How to measure the size of the microorganism through Foldscope?

Dear Manu Prakash and Foldscope team, I want to learn how to measure the size of the microorganisms while observing through the foldscope, i made an effort by measuring the visual field without magnification, but want to learn in detail. These two are the images of 1mm grid and and 0,5 mm grid observed through…

Foldscope@DST MANAK – 2019 at Guntur

Happy to share that my Foldscope students, Sunitha, Vani and Divya and team introduced Foldscope to more than 2000 students at DST MANAK – 2019 at Guntur on 30.01.2019. They too enjoyed by looking at the excitement of school children and kids attended for the exhibition