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As a part of foldscopic field survey, we have chosen different rice field in our area. Rice is an exclusive crop plant of aquatic habitat, largely raised in an anaerobic or partially anaerobic submerged environment. Diversity of rice fields provides favourable environment for the growth of various group of algae with respect to their requirement…


First time I was able to see and record this Vorticella species under foldscope Habitat: Freshwater Stream Location: Assam Water Temp: 28c


Today, due to heavy rain I could not arrange to go out for field study. So, I started searching for something in my own campus. In the backyard of my school I find some mosses in their sporophyte stages. When I bring them for study, I totally amazed after seeing stomata in their sporangium. After…


During this first week of summer vacation, I got the opportunity of explore my nearby forested areas for foldscoping. In this post I am sharing an interesting observation that I never been seen before. I have collected some fern fronds with mature sporangium and bring them to laboratory. Firstly, I have tried to observe the…


It was wonderful experience to work with planktonic species under the foldscope. When I was observing the movement of some ciliates, I found this Surirella sp.


When I was crazy about to record the sliding movement of Oscillatoria species from the water sample collected at Chirang Reserve Forest during our Bio Walk program with foldscope, I have encountered these zooplankton species. It was a very delightful experience to record such species with foldscope. Thank you, Foldscope, for introducing me with the…


Today I have encountered these species. I found it interesting to observe Oscillatoria species under foldscope. The sliding movement of this filamentous cyanobacteria is interesting, as they slide back and forth to reorient. The long filament breaks into fragments (hormogonia).


Today on 6th June,2018, we the Foldscope team of Govt. H.S. & M.P. School have organized a day long field study entitled “Bio-walk with Foldscope”. In this field study every one was free to study anything and everything they found intersecting during the walk in wild. Our destination for this programme was Chirang Reserve Forest…


Algal species encountered today.


Today (4/5/18) we have studied some pond water collected from the nearby area by our students of class X. It was a great experience to see some phytoplankton over there. I could never imagine viewing such species diversity under foldscope.

CANNABIS CALYXES : glands of cannabinoids

Cannabis sativa (Marijuana), a common road side medicinal weeds in Assam have different uses. Besides ethnomedicinal uses, this plant is also considered as sacred in some part of the region. The plant is unique in its beauty and intoxicating aroma. The female flowers grow long with trichomous sepal and petals. The Cannabis calyx is the…


Today I have carried out an experiment with the student on the rotting Banana. We were all surprised to see the fungal hyphae in the slide. The hyphal growth and shape of the fungal spore indicate to be some species of Colletotrichum genus.


The house sparrow (Passer domesticus) is a species of birds that can be easily recognized because it lives very close to human habitat. It prefers life close to human settlements, including both urban and rural areas. But this bird is decreasing rapidly due to anthropogenic pressure. Today we have studied the feather types of different…

Foldscope Outreach Programme

Today we (me and my co-cordinator Mr. Gautam Dev Sarma) have visited and organized a programme on foldscope at Charaikhola High School about 10 KM from Kokrajhar town, Assam. This school is an unaided institution, lacking proper infrastructure for science education. One science teacher of this school Mr Jahar Bhowmik have been trained on use…

Pollen of Melastoma

Close-up view of the pollen grains Melastoma malabathricum (L.) Plant. Pollen grain of M.melabathricum


We, at Govt. H.S. & M.P. School, Kokrajhar, Assam have organized two-day Workshop on the Use of Foldscope. In this workshop 23 teachers from our school and 5 teachers from other fringe school of the district have taken part. This workshop was basically a training workshop for the trainers. The selected Mentors (Teachers) will work…