conducted one day workshop on the use and assembly of foldscope

Conducted one day workshop on the use and assembly of foldscope   at cms college kottayam, Kerala. workshop was  for high school,higher secondary and  college students to familarise them with the foldscope .  The Paper microscope were asssembled by each student . students mounted wing and leg part of drosophila

periphyton diversity of periyar river, kerala

                                         algae comes under the group desmids. micrasterias from the sample b collected from river periyar kerala

periphyton diversity of periyar river

                         Identified 3 different diatoms,navicula,synedra and fragilaria from a single sample collected from site 3 aluva

periphyton diversity -diatoms

Images of  some diatoms,identified as Pinnularia         and    Melosira.  water samples are collected from site 1  and 3

periphton diversity -micro algae

micro algae,  sample   collected from  field 1  pooyamkutty ,periyar river kerala, in the second images  may be   pigments were degraded.  it is identified as komvophoron.

various micro algae s -diversity of periyar rivers

Micro algae ‘s  observed under the foldscope , i think pigments are started to degrade , anyway  these is a different   exp  to view under the folds ope, water samples are taken from site 2 and 3.