periphyton diversity -diatoms

Images of  some diatoms,identified as Pinnularia         and    Melosira.  water samples are collected from site 1  and 3

periphton diversity -micro algae

micro algae,  sample   collected from  field 1  pooyamkutty ,periyar river kerala, in the second images  may be   pigments were degraded.  it is identified as komvophoron.

various micro algae s -diversity of periyar rivers

Micro algae ‘s  observed under the foldscope , i think pigments are started to degrade , anyway  these is a different   exp  to view under the folds ope, water samples are taken from site 2 and 3.

#INDIAfoldscopephase1 Finding for partner from the NE to twin

Hello foldscopers,my  foldscope project is basedn on the diversity and distribution of periphytons  in periyar river, kerala and  also the monitoring of water quality . we are looking for partner from the North East region  to twin the project . If some one is working on similiar aspects  ,pls come forward.