Micro organism” Animalcule” in a ditch at Kokrajhar (Assam).

Assam is the land of Wetland. There are many wetlands in Assam in that area there are great number of Micro organisms present. I am from Kokrajhar District here there are also many wetlands present. The following ditch is at Dimulgaon area(Kokrajhar)is the water body of great Diversity of Micro organism, till now I have…

Moving Diatom in a ditch at Dimulgaon (Kokrajhar).

Moving Diatom looks very beautiful,I found it today in a ditch near Kokrajhar Town(Assam) at Dimulgaon area. Though this ditch is not so much big but I have already found here varieties of Micro Organisms and I am very much hopeful that I shall get here many organisms very shortly. I am mentioning here the…

Micro organism at the time of feeding.

Today on field visit I saw a interesting type of Micro organism in the following ditch water at Dimulgaon area near Kokrajhar Town (Assam ). I got this video at the time of feeding something but don’t know what it is. I could not find it’s last point of the tail also. I want to…

Microscopic water worm.

On field visit today I have found this water worm in the following mentioned place where cattles take their water and local people also do fishing. This place is near Kokrajhar Town (Assam). Please identify this.

Double headed micro organism in a ditch at Kokrajhar (Assam).

In the following ditch at Kokrajhar I have found today this round shape double headed micro organism. I am greatly surprised that today I did not see the so big organism by the naked eye but with the help of this ( Foldscope) cute instrument I could see it easily. Thanks Prof. Manu Prakash Sir….

Micro organism in a ditch.

I have observed a special type capsule shaped Micro organism in a very small perennial ditch near by our home town Kokrajhar (Assam) today. I earnestly request all the experts to identify the species. Thanks.

Varieties of Micro organism

Today on field visit I found this micro organism in this following place. Sir please identify this organisms.

Observation of Micro Organisms in a wetland at Kokrajhar( Assam).

On field visit I have found today these micro organisms in the mentioned wetland near by Gaurang river which is situated near Kokrajhar town(Assam). Within a short time I have got only these 3 Micro Organisms but I am sure that I shall get more and more micro organisms in that area. On getting these…

Identification of some objects.

Today I have found all the following objects in the following mentioned place . Please identify all the green shaped objects and the last black object. Thanks.

Unidentified creature.

Today I found this creature in the mentioned pond. The pond is near by a river. The water of the pond never dry even at the winter season. I found here some aquatic plants also. But I did not recognize the creature. So, Sir please identify the creature.

Diatom colony and other micro organisms.

Today I have found all these Diatom colony, Spirogyra, moving Diatom and other micro organisms in the mentioned river spot. The river flows through Chakrasila Wild life Sanctuary which is in Kokrajhar District ( Assam ). Thanks.

Unidentified object

Today I have found this unidentified object in the following river water. Please help me to identify this unknown object. Thanks.

A micro organism

Today when I was collecting Pollen grains then I also found this micro organism at Chakrasila Wild life Sanctuary area( Kokrajhar) in the following mentioned place.

Foldscope awareness program among the village students.

I have done an awareness program among the village students about the most useful,important and the most Cheapest instrument invented in the earth now i.e.Foldscope. All the students used this instrument eagerly. I have also shown them some pollen grains of some flowers through Foldscope. The pollen grains are as under:-

One day workshop program on Foldscope

This is a one day( 10/12/18) Twinning up workshop program on Foldscope at Govt. H.S. & M.P.School kokrajhar. The program was organised by Govt. H.S. & M.P. School( kokrakhar). The Twinning up partner was Kabi Nazrul Vidyabhaban H.S. School( Tripura). At the time of doing practical demonstration I found some micro organisms in water which…

Mestatenga a traditional food.

Today( 08/12/18) when I was collecting pollen grains of different medicinal and other plants then I got this valuable plant.Pollen grain,flower of this plant is very beautiful. Botanical name:- Hibiscus Sabdariffa. Common name:- Roselle ( English). Assamese name:- Mestatenga. It is used as a traditional food,drink or making chutney in our local area. It is…

Attach pollen grain

When I was collecting pollen grains of different flowers a different type of pollen grain structure I have found where 3 or 4 pollens attach together.Is it really possible for such structure ? Please clear it. Photograph of the Flower. Photograph of the pollen.

A New experience in a Nursery.

Today I got a new experience with Foldscope in a Nursery where I got today 22 types of pollen grains of some land and water plants. We collected 22 types of flower from the local forest area from which I am depicting some flowers and its pollen grains. Flowers and its pollen grain:-


I found this Zooplankton in the following place. Please identify this organism.

Observation of micro- organisms in water.

I Observed the micro-organisms in the following mentioned place ( charaikhola in kokrajhar district, Assam) where many local people take their bath and many of them effected by itching problem on their skin.At the time of observation on the said spot some people came to take their bath, then I showed them the micro-organisms in…

A field study of micro organisms.

Today I have found all these micro organisms in the same flowing water about 600 square feet area at Kakrikhola( Kokrajhar district), Assam where some local people take their bath and also do fishing. Many of them told that they are effected by itching problem on their skin. I showed them the videos of these…

Unknown zooplankton

During summer vacation I have encountered this amazing zooplankton species from a stagnant pond.

Water worm1

What a great invention the Foldscope is! Due to this great invention by Prof. Manu Prakash Sir I can able to see the micro organism on the spot. Today I have seen the micro organism( Water worm) and beautiful structure of Spirogyra on the spot not in my home within a short time of the…

Pollen grain1

The photograph of Pollen grain of this flower is taken by Foldscope today. From- Assam( Kokrajhar). Thanks Manu Prakash Sir for inventing this wonderful instrument as we heard about pollen grain but could not see it before as we had not any microscope but now any time any where I can see any pollen grain….

Water worm

Today in a stagnant water in our local area I have found this WaterWorm, in this area I have also found many types of Spirogyra also. Thanks.