Mestatenga a traditional food.

Today( 08/12/18) when I was collecting pollen grains of different medicinal and other plants then I got this valuable plant.Pollen grain,flower of this plant is very beautiful. Botanical name:- Hibiscus Sabdariffa. Common name:- Roselle ( English). Assamese name:- Mestatenga. It is used as a traditional food,drink or making chutney in our local area. It is…

Attach pollen grain

When I was collecting pollen grains of different flowers a different type of pollen grain structure I have found where 3 or 4 pollens attach together.Is it really possible for such structure ? Please clear it. Photograph of the Flower. Photograph of the pollen.

A New experience in a Nursery.

Today I got a new experience with Foldscope in a Nursery where I got today 22 types of pollen grains of some land and water plants. We collected 22 types of flower from the local forest area from which I am depicting some flowers and its pollen grains. Flowers and its pollen grain:-


I found this Zooplankton in the following place. Please identify this organism.

Observation of micro- organisms in water.

I Observed the micro-organisms in the following mentioned place ( charaikhola in kokrajhar district, Assam) where many local people take their bath and many of them effected by itching problem on their skin.At the time of observation on the said spot some people came to take their bath, then I showed them the micro-organisms in…

A field study of micro organisms.

Today I have found all these micro organisms in the same flowing water about 600 square feet area at Kakrikhola( Kokrajhar district), Assam where some local people take their bath and also do fishing. Many of them told that they are effected by itching problem on their skin. I showed them the videos of these…

Unknown zooplankton

During summer vacation I have encountered this amazing zooplankton species from a stagnant pond.

Water worm1

What a great invention the Foldscope is! Due to this great invention by Prof. Manu Prakash Sir I can able to see the micro organism on the spot. Today I have seen the micro organism( Water worm) and beautiful structure of Spirogyra on the spot not in my home within a short time of the…

Pollen grain1

The photograph of Pollen grain of this flower is taken by Foldscope today. From- Assam( Kokrajhar). Thanks Manu Prakash Sir for inventing this wonderful instrument as we heard about pollen grain but could not see it before as we had not any microscope but now any time any where I can see any pollen grain….

Water worm

Today in a stagnant water in our local area I have found this WaterWorm, in this area I have also found many types of Spirogyra also. Thanks.

Spirogyra shape

Today in a stagnant water in our local area( Charaikhola,Assam) I found this spirogyra.l

Showing the shape of Spirogyra

Today I have found these Spirogyra (Green Algae) near our locality at the Charaikhola Village in Assam( India) in a stagnant field water.The photos were taken by Foldscope. Thanks.

Pollen grain of a monocot plant

It is a monocot plant. It belongs to Canna Species.The flower and the pollen grain of the flower was snaped by Foldscope.

Some interesting structures find in a most popular Fermented food.

Gundruk is a fermented leafy green vegetable and is a popular food in Nepal,Darjeeling,Sikkim,Assam and claimed to be one of the national dishes. Gundruk is obtained from the fermentation of leafy vegetables. It is served as a side dish with the main meal or as an appetizer by itself. Gundruk is an important source of…

Photograph of pollen and its chamber

These Photographs are taken by Foldscope today. These are the Pollen and the Pollen Chamber of the very common plant found here, photo of the plant is also given here. Thanks.

Pollen study on Environment day by Foldscope

I along with my colleague and students of my school, Charaikhola High School,Kokrajhar( Assam) celebrated World Environment Day. We organised various programmes in connection with World Environment Day,18. Moreover students of class IX & X carried out study on Pollen of some common species of plants from our school campus they also observed the Chloroplast…

Egg of a butterfly

This butterfly laid eggs on 23/05/18 at about 10.15am and the photograph was taken by me at about 10.45am. Thanks.

About Foldscope program

First of all I thank Prof. Monu Prakash Sir for giving us so fantastic apparatus, before receiving this apparatus the micro organism world was an imaginary world for me, now every day every moment I think I shall get some new informations, images from micro organism world. On 18th May I was first introduced with…