section shows adipose tissues with mature adipocytes seprated by fibrous saptae.

sebaceous cyst

section shows cyst wall with flaky material inside as seen under foldscope.

Urothelial carcinoma

section shows a papillary pattern with few fibrovascular cores with mild cytological a typical cells as seen under foldscope.


section shows mucosal tissue glands along with inflammatory cells infiltration as seen under foldscope.


section shows adipose tissues with mature adipocytes seprated by fibrous saptae.

Abdominal tuberculosis

section shows epitheloid granuloma with central caseous necrosis and few dispersed giant cells as seen under foldscope.


section shows breast tissue made up of ducts with surrounding fibrous stroma ductal epithelial shows proliferation as seen under foldscope.

Squamous cell carcinoma

section shows epithelial cells showing anisonucleosis hyperchromatism vesicular nuclei and suggestive of squamous cell carcinoma are seen.


section shows a polyp like stroma showing lining epithelium covering loose fibrocollagenous stroma with mild inflammatory infiltrate.

Normal lymph node

section shows lymph node architecture which shows lymphoid follicles and cortex showing predominantly small lymphocytes.


Section from thyroid shows thyroid capsule thyroid follicles filled with colloid and lined by cuboid epithelium.

Sebaceous cyst

Section shows sebaceous cyst lined by stratified squamous epithelium and keratin flakes inside.


Section from lung biopsy shows fibrous tissue heavy blackish brownish pigment and chronic inflammation.

Prostate tissue

Section shows prostatic tissue with prostatic acini with surrounding stromal tissue.

Carcinoma stomach

Section from stomach growth shows malignant cells with pleomorphism high NC ratio hyperchromatic nuclei showing features of carcinoma.


Section from ovary shows a simple cyst lined by flattened epithelium and surrounding ovarian stromal tissue.


Section shows large number of vascular spaces without RBCs with intermixed muscle fibres and fatty tissue.

PAP smear

PAP smear of the slide shows the abundance of normal shaded squamous epithelial cell with pleomorphism with abundant of mono-nuclear cell. No malignancy rejected as seen under foldscope.

Bone marrow smear

Sample of bone marrow obtained by bone marrow aspiration. RBCs and neutrophils are seen under foldscope.


Section shows breast tissue with ducts and stroma both intra and pericanalicular pattern of fibroadenoma are seen.

Inflammatory lesion

Section shows vascular proliferation with chronic inflammatory cell infiltration

Lymph node

section shows covering fibrous capsule and lymphoid follicle with germinal center features of reactive lymph node.


section shows stratified squamous epithelium with underlying stromal tissue.

Sebeceous cyst

section shows covering epithelium and keratin flakes inside giant cell reaction is also noted


section shows mature adipocytes with clear cytoplasm and separated by fibrous septae.