Squamous cell carcinoma

section from biopsy bronchus shows sheets and groups of malignant squamous epithelial cells with hyperchromatic nuclei and dense eosinophilic cytoplasm.


section shows mature adiposites with clear cytoplasm separated by fibrous septae

Squamous cell carcinoma

section from esophageal biopsy shows pieces of stratified squamous epithelium showing features of malignancy at places along with dense inflammatory infiltrate.


section shows benign squamous epithelial hyperplasia in the covering epithelium and underlying stroma.


section from prostatectomy specimen shows acini filled prostatic secretion and surrounding stromal tissue.

Small intestine

section from small intestine shows mucosa with mucosal glands goblet cell, stromal oedema with inflammatory cell infiltrate.


section shows endocervical glands lined by columnar epithelium and surrounding chronic inflammatory cell infiltrate.

Prostatic hyperplasia

section shows hyperplastic prostatic acini with papillary projection and lying back to back along with surrounding stroma.

Acute appendicitis

section shows appendiceal mucosa along with inflammatory cell infiltrate.


section shows mature adipocytes suggestive of lipoma.


section shows adipose tissue fibrous and a blood vessel filled with RBCs

Celloid goitre

section shows thyroid macro follicles filled with eosinophilic colloid.


section shows prostate tissue showing prostatic acini and surrounding stroma.


section shows thyroid gland tissue showing follicles lined by flate cuboidal epithelium and filled with colloid.


section shows exocervix lined by covering squamous epithelium and stroma.


section shows endometrium shows cystically dilated atrophy endometrial glands and stromal tissue.

Green algae

Green algea found near by water tank placed in aschool area as seen under foldscope during foldscope workshop.


section shows endometrium glands in secretory phase along with loose oedematous stromal tissue.


section shows round tubular endometrial glands and surrounding dense stroma.


section shows covering stratified squamous epithelium stroma and underneath nabothian follicle.


section from endometrium shows cystically dialated atrophy endometrial glands and stromal tissue.


section from exocervix shows hyperplastic hyperkeratotic covering squamous epithelium.


section shows breast tissue showing both intra and pericanalicular pattern of fibrooedenoma.


section shows appendicial mucosa along with lymphoid cells and RBCs.

Nasal polyp

section shows polylined by covering epithelium along with oedematous stroma and inflammatory cells.