Normal lymph-node

Section shows lymph-node architecture which shows lymphoid follicles and cortex showing predominantly small lymphocytes.


Section shows adipose tissue with mature adipocytes separated by fibrous septae.

Sebaceous cyst

The section shows cyst wall with flaky material inside as seen under foldscope.

Urathelial carcinoma

The section shows a papillary pattern with few fibrovascular cores with mild cytological atypical cell as seen under foldscope.

Abdominal tuberculosis

The section shows epitheloid granuloma with central caseous necrosis and few dispersed giant cell as seen under foldscope.

Rhinitis (allergic)

The section shows mucosal tissue glands along with inflammatory cell infiltration as seen under foldscope.


the section shows breast tissue made up of ducks with surrounding fibrous stroma ductal epithelium shows proliferation as seen under foldscope.


Section shows adipose tissue with mature adipocytes separated by fibrous septae.


Section from thyroid shows thyroid capsule thyroid follicles filled with colloid and lined by cuboidal epithelium.

Sebaceous cyst

Section shows sebaceous cyst lined by stratified squamous epithelium and keratin flakes inside.


Section from lung biopsy shows fibrous tissu heavy blackish brownish pigment and chronic inflammation.


Slide shows prostatic tissue with prostatic acini with surrounding stromal tissue as seen under foldscope

Carcinoma stomach

Section from stomach growth shows malignant cell with neomorphism high ration hyper-chromatic nuclei showing features of carcinoma as seen under foldscope

Gastric mucosal atrophy

Section shows gastric mucosa with mucosal glands no evidence of inflammation is seen under foldscope


Section from endometrial tissue shows endometrial glands which are round and tubular along with dense compact stroma endometrium in proliferative phase seen under foldscope


Section from exocervix shows covering stratified squamous epithelium with underlying fibrocollagenous stroma as seen under foldscope

Bronchial biopsy

Section from bronchial biopsy shows covering columnar epithelium underlying muscle tissue as seen under foldscope

Chronic cholecystitis

Section show gall-bladder tissue mucosa submucosa and muscles showing dense chronic as seen under foldscope

Fibro fatty tissue

slide shows fibrous and adipose tissue showing adipocytes as seen under foldscope

Normal salivary glands

Slide shows normal salivary gland tissue including glands in tubules formation as seen under foldscope


Section shows concentric arrangements of bundles of smooth muscles fibrous along with collagen fiber as seen under foldscope


Slide shows hyperplasia and keratinization of exocervical lining features are suggestive of prolapse as seen under foldscope

Ectopic rupture

Section shows Fallopian tube tissue with hemorrhage and scattered decidual tissue as seen under foldscope


Slide section show cervical lining showing hyperplasia of keratinization features suggestive of cervical prolapse


Slide shows mature adipocytes along with thin fibrous septae as seen under foldscope