Class room activity

Yesterday we play with foldscope with the students.  They find onion peel , hair and many small objects.

Need your help

On 21st Nov at Manas biosphere  I  collected the polen and took the photo. But after  4-5 hours when  I observed  it  again it’s  shape size  changes.

Fern spore

1 0 1 0 1 2 9 2 9 2 3 8 3 8 3 4 7 4 7 4 5 6 5 6 5

Housefly’s wings

A housefly’s  wings are delicate instruments. We observe the wings through foldscope  and share it with all of you… 

Mosquito Larvae mp4

Today me and my student collect mosquito larvae from stagnant water and watch it through Foldscope. Hope all of you enjoy the tiny life(dangerous).

Body dust of Moth

When we touch a ‘Moth’ the dust like substances stick to our hand. Today with my Foldscope I observe the substances. They are all alike and differently colourd & its have fine hair too. Hope you enjoy. BRHSS, Bongaigaon, assam.

Fern spores

Fern(Pteridophyta) have naked embryos i.e spores. This is the reproductive organ of such plants. Fron this embryos new root and stem emits. Using FOLDSCOPE  we find a clear view mature spores which start growing root & stem.

Inauguration of Foldscope workshop

The inaugural programme cum workshop of the project was held on 25th may 2018 where Mr. Sadullah Khan, Inspector of Schools, Bongaigaon Dist. Circle, Bongaigaon, Assam was present as chief guest and Mr. Samiran Das , President, School Management committee in the chair. Dr Raju das, Mr Latif Hussaini , Mr Yasin Ansari present as…