Mold on garlic clove – a post harvest loss

Blue-green moldy growth was observed on a clove of garlic . I prepared a temporary mount from the infected portion and observed it under foldscope. I could see intense fungal growth.

Observed homemade curd under foldscope

Observed homemade curd under foldscope at GGDSD COLLEGE chandigarh. Sample from curd was kept in open (without refrigerator) for 2 days and gram stained . A mixture of cocci and bacilli was observed. Aawe

Cottage cheese

During my workshop at GGDSD COLLEGE chandigarh I took cottage cheese and suspended it in  water and centrifuged it at 2000 rpm for 2 mins.After 2 mins , I prepared a smear from the supernatant and observed it under foldscope . First I stained the smear with methylene blue and observed cocci . They may…

Bread mold

While working with rotten bread under @foldscope workshop at GGDSD COLLEGE chandigarh, where I found this fungus.This is Rhizopus having a circular bud and long hyphae.

Observed curd sample

Observed curd sample stained with methylene blue @foldscope workshop at SD college Chandigarh. Diluted sample was used  and cocci were found predominantly. Few bacilli were also observed. This post is open to read and review on The Winnower.