section from endocervix shows endocervical glands lined by columnar epithelium.


section from exocervix showing stratified squamous covering epithelium and underlying stroma.


section shows breast tissue with ducts of varying size and stromal tissue with myxoid changes.


section from biopsy of buccal mucosa showing malignant cells of squamous cell carcinoma.

Endometrial biopsy

section from endometrial biopsy shows blood clots and endometrial glands mostly tubular.


section shows fibrous and mature adipose comprising of fibralipoma tissue.

Gastric mucosa

section from gastric mucosa showing mucosal glands and lamellar oedema.


section from biopsy of prostate shows prostatic acini of surrounding stromal tissue.


Section from soft tissue shows mature adipose tissue.


Section from nonfunctional kidney shows thyrodization of renal tubules.

Trichelemmal tumour

section shows nodular masses made up of groups and strands of squamous cells with central and abrupt keratinization.


section from prepuceal skin shows covering stratified squamous epithelium and underlying chronic inflammatory cell infiltrate in dermis with fibrosis

Chronic gastritis

section from biopsy stomach shows gastric mucosal tissue with lameller oedema and mild chronic inflammatory cell infiltrate.

Small cell carcinoma

section from lung biopsy shows small spindle to avoid hyperchromatic cells with scanty cytoplasm.


section from kidney shows renal tubules of glomeruli with focal chronic inflammatory cell infiltrate.


Section shows flattened lining epithelium along with chronic inflammatory cells and flaky material.

Malignant cell tumour

Section shows giant cells along with polygonal stromal cells with hyperchromatic nuclei.

Duodenum biopsy

section from biopsy of duodenum showing widened villi and stromal oedema.

Fallopian tube

section from Fallopian tube shows fimbrae of surrounding stroma.

Chronic cholecystitis

section from gall bladder showing chronic inflammatory cell infiltrate and fibrous thickening of wall.

Dermoid cyst

section from dermoid cyst showing stratified squamous epithelium of flaky material inside.

Spongiotic dermatitis

biopsy of skin showing hyperkeratosis spongiosis of inflammatory infiltrate in the dermis.


section from tonsil showing covering stratified squamous epithelium of underlying lymphoid aggregates.

Senile atrophy

section from cervix showing covering stratified squamous epithelium with underlying nabothian follicles.


section from haemangioma shows large no. of vascular spaces of capillary size with fibrous stroma.