Pollen of a fodder bean under foldscope

Dolichos lablab is an important fodder crop and highly nutritious as rich in proteins. The pollen grains were isolated from mature flowers and observed under foldscope. This post is open to read and review on The Winnower.

Unidentified microbes on surface of Chrysanthemum leaves

While looking at the cocoon-like thing on Chrysanthemum leaves, I also noticed dust. With the curiosity how dust would look under a foldscope, I took the sample on a slide using the cellotape. I saw some unidentified spindle shaped microscopic organisms along with the dust particles on the leaf surface. What are these? I am…

A calcareous cocoon-like structure on Chrysanthemum leaf

  A calcareous cocoon-like structure was seen on my Chrysanthemum leaves. I plucked and tried to foldscope it using time-lapse. But the shell dissolved a few hours later and I could only observe the structure of the shell. Is it a shell of a nematode or an insect ? This post is open to read…

Trichomes of a wild leaf with purple margins

A wild member of Malvaceae family growing along roadside in Chandigarh was plucked for Foldscope explorations. It is a wild woody shrub with leaves having serrated, purple margins and veins.    Foldscopy of the epidermal peel of the leaf revealed presence of stellate trichomes and glandular hairs.   This post is open to read and review…

Pollen of different size under foldscope

What is the reason behind pollen of different size ? In my slide I could see one pollen smaller and other larger under a foldscope.    This post is open to read and review on The Winnower.