T.s. of stem to show trichomes (shoot hair), leaf epidermis to show stomata, onion root tip to show mitosis, spine and root hair under foldscope… Dr. Shweta Nailwal mam experimented and made this effort to show us these images।।।।।


Science! true daughter of Old Time thou art!  Who alterest all things with thy peering eyes.  Why preyest thou thus upon the poet’s heart,  Vulture, whose wings are dull realities?  How should he love thee? or how deem thee wise,  Who wouldst not leave him in his wandering  To seek for treasure in the jewelled…


Although Lakes International School already succeeded in promoting the use of foldscope till the standard 8th but On 4TH DECEMBER,  2018 I.e, on Tuesday Lakes International School,  Bhimtal organized a Workshop for the students of the school and also of the schools in the locality like GGIC, GIC,  KENDRA VIDYALAYA;etc. The program took the form…

Workshop Arranged and Demonstration done in an Exemplary way

LAKES INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL,  BHIMTAL  again arranged an interactive session regarding the Foldscope.  The Enthusiasm and excitement is ascalating among the students. Today, we had this prodigious opportunity to demonstrate the students who never ever knew the Foldscope or its usage and never had Access to it. They were  seen delighted,  Sunny, glowing and beatific.  Well,…

Workshop successfully conducted and the foldscope experiments were really appreciated

Workshop successfully conducted in SARASWATI PUBLIC SCHOOL,  BHIMTAL | INDIAN MODERN SCHOOL, MEHRAGAON, BHIMTAL | BROOKDALE RESIDENTIAL SCHOOL, SATTAL, BHOWALI | Workshop began with the introduction to Foldscope followed by displaying some images of the experiment clicked by our school LAKES INTERNATIONAL like Pollen grains, Algae ; etc, to awaken the excitement within the students….

The Chlollera culture found in the native place😄♥

  These photos are of the Chollera culturu.  The water is taken from the beautiful Bhimtal lake and then it was observed clearly under the foldscope.  Thanks to the foldscope community that they provided us such an instrument of vital role. These pics are approaching something great….

Spotted dove sitting on the stone…. Nature’s ♥ by Abhi

This is the Beautiful bird of our Area Nainital with great knowledge of beats inn known as Ghuguti or Spotted Dove.  I still remember, When I was 7 years old, The Hot summers,  when it used produce sound I really used to get bored and lazy n so I sleep!😂 Ah!!  MISS THOSE DAYS Kingdom:…

Beautiful blue magpie running in the town….. Nature’s ♥ by Abhi

Beautiful n pretty/handsome (Since, don’t know the gender) red-billed blue magpie giving pose as if it knows the fact wê are taking its picture. Lemme give some information abt this beautiful bird with help of a source! Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Aves Order: Passeriformes Family: Corvidae Genus: Urocissa Species: U. erythroryncha  

RBC’s observed today….. The cut i got , blood collected from there! By Abhi

Really got happy not becoz I clicked this but becoz I utilized the blood got frm my cut wound. He.he 😂 😂.  Red Blood Cells observed couple of days back by me but posted it today due to the bad network…..  Really interesting. By Abhijeet Singh Dewari from Lakes International School,  Bhimtal,  Nainital

And There is much to be done…… Back_To_Work by Abhi

Brahminy Starling, one of the beautiful and hardworking creature on this earth. Hopefully Now M feeling happy and like a nature Lover bcoz explored and learnt name of so many birds the couple of days back, made me just gland. I feel like she is saying,”There’s much to dô but from where to start,  has…

In the meantime lets sit and give a pose: Nature’s ♥ by Abhi

Well,  we find the major similarity among us and monkeys.  When saw that in my friend’s wall,  without thinking posted here so that it could reach the more people. If I’m not wrong then whenever see it,  I think like the leisure time is the best one and especially the one with the group of…

The beauty of Flowers in a bunch….. Nature has blessed us by Abhi

After all its the beauty of Himalayas……  The beautiful bunch of flowers seems to be awesome.  When I return home after exploring such new n sensible things,  and see it really makes me feel commendable. I on behalf of my school thanks the community for providing us such a Platform where we could post our…

Sunflower seed’s cover observation

Please observe this very clearly captured by me today.  These are the microscopic view of the peel of sunflower’s seed. Well, This one is something biological.  I always feel like when u experiment or explore something do it with all ur heart, so m actually being a biologist. He.he 😂…..  Thmks to Foldscope community  for…

I wonder what is it thinking ….?: Nature’s ♥ by Abhi

When saw that suddenly,  took the pic without wasting a minute because it really made me feel happy.  This beautiful Himalayan Bulbul always comes at evening time and listen me humming song, m really actually really amazed seeing that. Nature is all gift. By Abhijeet Singh Dewari from Lakes International School, Bhimtal

A very huge snail: pic by ABhi

When today morning I went fr a walk found this beautiful giant gift of nature….. Snail By Abhijeet Singh Dewari from Lakes International School

The White sun

Well, we have read that white is the actual color of sun and so today morning hours I observed it at Haldwani,  Uttrakhand. By Abhijeet Singh Dewari from Lakes International School

Actually True, Maa can only understand the pain of offspring

Well, this pic have been taken from my friend’s wall. But ultimately just see maa is maa,  even if she is a bird she understands the chirp or rather the pain and the duty of wê children are to channelize us and tune us according to their thoughts because They always do for the best….

Clever and smart Owl:Nature’s diary by Abhi

Found this beautiful owl pic and also loved this as now-a-days given rest to foldscope but m still working on the natural gifts I mean look at the nature. U will get to c more such posts by me. By – Abhijeet Singh Dewari from Lakes International School

A beautiful butterfly at my house

Although I don’t know the name of this type of butterfly but it seems to be awesome. A very beautiful one. #Nature’s_Love,  M grabbing it♥😘 By Abhijeet Singh Dewari from Lakes International School

A beautiful alovera in a bunch

A very beautiful alovera in a bunch found by me Abhijeet Singh Dewari from Lakes International School,  Bhimtal,  Nainital.

Small creatures in boiled potato’s water

Utilizing the foldscope in the best possible way by exploring new new things anf observing,  this inturn generates the interest in Science.  Love Biology.  This is the boiled potato water in which microbes can be observed clearly. Thnks to foldscope community. I Abhijeet Singh Dewari from Lakes International School,  Bhimtal,  Nainital congratulate and acknowledge.

The video of sperm cell running

All must watch it. I Abhijeet Singh from Lakes International School,  Bhimtal,  Nainital did this today. The very fast move of small cell:Sperm

The small Sperm cells:Eager to c

I Abhijeet Singh Dewari from Lakes International School,  Bhimtal observed n studied the sperm cell. I was always curious to see them and hopefully today foldscope made this possible… 😘