Foldscope Workshop for Research Assistants at School of Mech Engg.,- SASTRA Deemed University on 30th Apr’19

Foldscope workshop for Research Assistants at SoME - SASTRA Deemed UniversityIndiqfoldscopephasel Research scholars eagerly viewing the specimen slide through Foldscope Research Assistants are exploring Foldscope for their field of application Specimen slide insertion explained by JRF to the Research Assistants One Research Assistant viewing the Frog blood specimen by using mobile torch as light source...

Red spider mite

Red spider mite #Indiafoldscopephase1 The above photographs were taken with the red spider mite found on the lower surface of theĀ  brinjal leaves. They suck the plant fluids and rapidly populates. It causes serious damage to crops if not controlled.