Red spider mite

Red spider mite #Indiafoldscopephase1 The above photographs were taken with the red spider mite found on the lower surface of the  brinjal leaves. They suck the plant fluids and rapidly populates. It causes serious damage to crops if not controlled.

Mealy bug

Mealy bug #Indiafoldscopephase1 The above photographs were taken with the isolated Mealy bug  found on the lower surface of the bhendi or ladies finger leaves.  Mealy bug feed on the plant sap and causes serious damage to the crops.  Mealy bug secretes a wax to protect it from other insects.  

Twinning with NE Partner Institution

#Indiqfoldscopephasel We are glad to share that, we have twinned with our NE partner Dr. Durga Prasad Awasthi, Assistant Professor, Department of Plant Pathology, College of Agriculture, Lembucherra, Tripura. The purpose of the twinning is to get plant pathological guidance for our (Category – B) project. Thank you !!!  

Alternaria Solani Pathogen on Tomato Leaves

#Indiqfoldscopephasel Alternaria Solani Pathogen causing Early blight fungal disease on Tomato leaves Early blight is one of the major fungal disease which affects the tomato crop production hugely.  The causal agent is the Alternaria fungi genus. The specific species is Alternaria Solani. Our project is to find the pathogen causing early blight on tomato leaves…