twinning with Model hr Sec School, Imphal at Apex Christian High School REACHING THE UNREACHED---at Educational Training School (ETS), Motbung with Coordinator and students of Model Hr Sec School, Imphal

an unforgotable twinning

a team comprising 1) Johnstone hr sec school, Imphal2( Apex christian H/S, Motbung3) Presidency University, Kolkata4) Municipal Hr. Sec School, Karattur, Chennai at places viz Kangla(old palace), Maibam Lokpa Ching (2nd world war memorial), Loktak Lake(largest freshwater lake in NE) etc for field trip. Lits of new findings Joint team of 1) Johnstone Hr Sec...

Foldscope Expo

Explaining about d expo school principal eager to know d findings of d students Jury intereacting with d students during d expo

Observation of stomata