Foldscope one day workshop and orientation program

Foldscope one day workshop and orientation program is conducted on Pazawna memorial school Mizoram. The working process and function of foldscope was taught and discussed to the class student. Brief detail about the uses and use of foldscope was also taught to the student. Demonstrate how to prepare slite and how to put the slite…

Training program on foldscope

One day training program about foldscope is conducted on Govt. high school Sairang Mizoram different method of the uses and use of foldscope was taught to them. We also demonstrate how to prepared slide for foldscope also.

Observation of Hibiscus mutabilis under foldscope

On 05/09/2019 a beautiful flower of Hibiscus mutabilis was collected from Mizoram university campus Aizawl on the flower it was observed that the colour of the petal was changing from white to pink. The flower petal is white in colour when it start opening and it turns into pink colour when it reach evening time….

Observation of Clerodendrum japonicum using foldscope.

On the field visit to Seirang Mizoram on 19/08/2019 a beautiful red colour flower of Clerodendrum japonicum was observed in home garden and road site. The species was photograph collected and identified in the laboratory of observation. Using foldscope pollen, TS section of ovary, anther, stigma where observed.

In-vitro pollen germination of Magnolia champaca.

In-vitro pollen germination of Magnolia champaca was carried out for two different sucrose concentration i.e. 5 % and 10%. Different growth hormones like Indole-3- butyric Acid(IBA), 3- Indole Acetic Acid(IAA), Kinetin and Gibberellin were applied at different concentration (100 ppm, 200 ppm and 300 ppm) then after 72 hours, the pollen where found to be…

School training and orientation program for foldscope

A training program was conducted for class 9th and 10th student at Govt. Tanhril higher Secondary School, Mizoram. Training and orientation was given on the uses and use of foldscope. Using foldscope we show the pollen of Clerodendron colebrookianum to the student.

In- vitro pollen germination

In- vitro pollen germination of Clerodendrum serratum with different sucrose concentration. Pollen which are elongated and seeing threat like structure are germinated pollen and pollen which are oval and round are not germinated.

Workshop and training program of foldscope at MZU, Mizoram

A workshop training program was conducted on 27/05/2019 to the M.Sc Forestry student of Mizoram University, Mizoram about the use and uses of foldscope in filed experiment different slide sample where made with them and demonstrate to the student.

Pollen viability test of Clerodendron serratum

The fresh pollen of Clerodendron serratum is collected just when the flower is open in early morning for the test of viability. Using 2,3,5 – triphenyltetrazolium chloride the test is conducted the pollen with red stain are viable and pollen which do not take stain are non-viable.

Pollen staining of Curcuma zedoaria

The flower of Curcuma zedoaria is collected from the hill side of Hlemen forest Aizawl on 3/05/2019, the pollen of the flower is stained using Safranine and its observed under foldscope.

Cassia javanica pollinater and pollen observation

Cassia javanica family facaceae with milky pink colour flower was collected from Aizawl forest on 20/04/2019 for pollen observation. Bee pollinater are also observed in the tree for pollination. The pollinater bee is collected and observed under foldscope for pollen carrying load.

Workshop program at Phaknunh Primary school.

A workshop program was conducted on 14/03/2019 at Phaknunh Primary school Imphal East Manipur. Teachers and students participated in the workshop program. The uses of foldscope were demonstrated to them.

Observation of different pollen save from different flower

Disected flower Beaumontia grandiflora TS ovary ofBeaumontia grandiflora TS ovary of Beaumontia grandifloraBeaumontia grandiflora pollenBeaumontia grandiflora pollenBeaumontia grandiflora pollenBeaumontia grandiflora TS ovaryTS ovary Stigmapollenpollenpollen Ipomea alba TS of Ipomea alba TS of Ipomea alba  Ipomea alba pollen Ipomea alba pollen Ipomea alba pollen Ipomea spp Ipomea spp pollen Ipomea spp pollen Ipomea spp pollen...

One day workshop about the uses of foldscope

A workshop was conducted on 21/02/2019 at Govt. P.M. High Scool, Lungdai, Mizoram for the first time there we describe about the uses of foldscope, how to used the foldscope and how it can be helpful for their study purposes.

One day workshop

On 20/02/2019 a workshop program was conducted on Lal Thanhawla High School, Serkhan, Kolaship District, Mizoram there we describe the function and used of foldscope we also demonstrate by doing with them. The student where also interest in looking and seeing photograph for the first time.

Flower sample collected from Champhai, Murland National park Mizoram

We went to Champhai, Murland National Park, Mizoram which is located at the border of India and Myanmar at the altitude of 1662 m. From the national park we collected different flowering plant sample and where observed by making slides and photos are taken for flower, pollen, stigma and TS section of ovary. We observed…

Sample collection from Muifang, Mizoram

On February 15/02/2019 a field visit was carried out at Muifang, Mizoram for the sample collection of Tracheophyte during the collection of Tracheophytr different flowering plant are also observed and were also collected for observation.

Different flower pollen type

Different flowering plant were collected during December 2018 to January 2019 from Mizoram university campus pollen, ovary, stigma were observed for different species.

Workshop program at Siphir Venghilun High School Mizoram

A workshop and demonstration program of Foldscope was conducted on 18/01/2019 at Siphir Venghilun High School Mizoram. Brassica flower was collected and pollen slide was made and observed under the flodscope and shown to student and teacher.

Workshop program at Govt. Siphir High School, Mizoram

A workshop program was conducted on 18/01/2019 at Govt. Siphir High School, Mizoram to demonstrate the used of foldscope and how to assemble the foldscope. Plant sample, pollen of Ipomoea where aslo observed under foldscope.