Stigma and pollens of Sonchus

Common name: Hare’s-lettuce, Milk thistle, Sow thistle • Hindi: दूधी Dudhi Plant collection fron Baggi, District Mandi, Himachal Pradesh  Bifid Stigma and pollens on it

Soil particles

Aedes mosquito larva

Larva was caught in a fresh water.  This was mounted on a paper slide. In these videos we can see larva wriggling very fast. Bristles clearly visible, siphon and anal gills too are very clear. In one of these videos we can see larva wriggling which is mounted on a paper slide

Nylon thread

Nylon thread of pouch in which foldscope was recieved

Sugar on slide

Sugar solution was dried on slide and viewed under foldscope

Seed of chili 🌶 pepper, Capsicum sp. See the cellular structure, just like puzzle pieces put together It was fun to observe such structure


This is observed on foldscope lens even if cleaned with lens cleaner. these foldscopes are without any slide. Kindly suggest some method to clean the lenses.

Leaves of Casuarina under foldscope

Casuarina, an angiosperm, leaves looks like a Equisetum, a pteridophyte Leaf scales of Casuarina Other end of leaf scale which is inserted into leaf scales

Poster making competition on prevtion from mosquito bites and its life cycle

Poster making competition for class vi – viii was organized aiming to spread awareness among children about the life cycle of mosquito and deadly diseases caused by them. These children will participate in study of life cycle of mosquito using foldscope. The foldscope was announced during competition. Prizes were given to 1st, 2nd and 3rd…