Twinning program with Mizoram University

Twining program with north east (Department of forestry, Mizoram university, Aizawl, Mizoram). As a part of foldscope project we (Principal investigator and 2 project assistants ) visited Mizoram university for twining program. Principal investigator (Dr. Tamil selvi. K. S.) explaining about the usage of foldscope for the students and scholars of Department of forestry, Mizoram...

Fungal hyphae

Fungal hyphae stained with  Lacto phenol cotton blue Fungal hyphae stained with Lacto phenol cotton blue

Fungal spores

The fungi were isolated from  Eichhornia  crassipes . And the spores were stained using Lacto phenol cotton blue and captured using foldscope. The pictures shows the hyphae and spores.

Popularisation of Foldscope among college students (14/03/2019)

As part of  extenction activity of foldscope for students  we organised a one day hands-on workshop  for  I-M.Sc students regarding the popularisation of  Foldscope. Dr. Tamil Selvi. K. S., Principal investigator of the project explains about assemblage and usage of foldscope. Students enthusiastically participated in the workshop. And the students observed various slides using Fold…

Aspergillus sp.,

Aspergillus sp., stained with lacto phenol cotton blue shows the sporulation.