Tiny Creatures under Foldscope, that has bloomed my Mind.

While working on these algal culture what i have observed that, there were lots of algal diversity in mats and wall scrapped sample, and these different habitat include different algal diversity ranging from coccus to filamentous forms.

‘Nitrogen Fixer’ under my Foldscope.

These are the nitrogen fixer Cyanobacteria (Blue green algae) under order Nostocales. They have this ability due to a specialized cell, known as Heterocyst. Heterocyst identification key Features with respect to vegetative cells. Thick walled. Weak pigmentation. Present at both intercalary and terminal position. Intercalary Heterocyst have Polar granules at each pole while Terminal Heterocyst…

“Foldscope” Sunday suprised Me.

While having foldscopy of microalgae sample, I have seen locomotion of some tiny creature, that draged me to take this video. Hope’s you all like it and if any one could share his knowledge regarding this creatures this platform is open for them.

FOLDSCOPE : Leads Curiosity towards science.

To develop curiosity amongs children towards science Dr. R.K.Singh and his research team organised a workshop for the senior secondary level school teachers at Faculty Development Center HNB Garhwal University. Because teachers are the backbone and a medium that can encourage students toward science through the weapons i.e. KNOWLEDGE and FOLDSCOPE instrument that can be…

Mosquito Bite: took it under my foldscope

While working in lab someone bite me and that was a mosquito, like its has been mention in the filed guide that you don’t need to find them, they will find you and yes they found me too and i took it under my foldscope.