Identification keys of storage pest: Red flour beetle- #Indiafoldscopephase 1

Infestaion found in: Black cumin Fig. Infested black cumin spice Macrostructure image of infested pest: Fig: Infested pest found in black cumin spice Assumed pest: Red flour beetle (Tribolium castaneum) Morphological characteristics (as observed under Foldscope) Three-segmented antennal club and last three antennal segments larger than all others, almost square (Fig. 1) Elytra with punctate, parallel-sided…

Black Band disease of Mango-#Indiafoldscopephase 1

In garden of Jyothy Institute of Technology, Bangalore, almost all mango trees got infected with a disease called black band disease.    Fig: Mango trees in field affected with black band disease and samples collected to observe under foldscope. When infected parts  were observed under foldscope we found spherical shaped black lined spores and mycelium aggregations….

Green mold under foldscope-#Indiafoldscopephase 1

We found green colour mold infestation in stored tamarind seeds. Small amount of scrap was taken using forceps and slide was prepared. Mycelial hyphae and spores pictures were taken using foldscope. Fig: Mycelium, fruiting body, spores of green mold This post is open to read and review on The Winnower.