Watching a Single Replacement Reaction

This is a video of a single replacement reaction of copper foil and silver nitrate.  It does take a brief moment to come into focus as I was tipping to get solution to meet up with the foil.  I love to watch the silver crystals  grow!

Snail Eggs

One of my students is completing a research study on snails and the development of the eggs.  These are videos of the snail eggs taken with the foldscope.

Poor little grub…

During a nut based lab my students happened upon a grub and immediately asked if they could view it with the foldscopes.  Below are the picture of the unfortunate fellow:  

Foldscopes in an Art Class

I took my foldscopes to an art classroom as a joint project for the students.  The students were asked to find the patterns in nature by looking through the foldscopes and then create an art project based on what they saw.  Below is one example of the artwork that resulted from the observations of the…

Introducing Other Teachers to Foldscopes!

video using foldscope, observing local pond water   After bringing the foldscopes to the teacher training class the professor wanted to keep my foldscope – Umm, NO! Everyone quickly agreed how useful the foldscopes would be when taking students out into the field for observations.

A student Lead Investigation

Leading an investigation. using foldscopes to evaluate the quality of homemade plastics. After leading the lab she created to create plastic from hair, the student had her classmates evaluate the quality of the plastic they produced with the foldscopes. 

Great starter slide

Feathers through the foldscope.  I found that the feathers are easiest for new users to focus on.