Pollen of Wild almond flower

Wild Almond Tree is a soft wooded tree that can grow up to 115 feet tall. The origin of the name of the bad-smelling Sterculia genus comes from the Roman god, Sterquilinus, who was the god of fertilizer or manure. 

Brine shrimp

I got some brine shrimp cyst (Artemia salina) for fish feeding and got to witness its hatching.

Pollen grain of Lily flower

Pollen grains contain male gametes. When the pollen lands upon the female stigma of another Lily flower, the pollen grain germinates. A tube grows out of the pollen grain through the stigma; the male nuclei pass down this tube and fuse with the female ovules.

Wing of Carpenter Bee

The wing in nature looks black, but after looking under foldscope it was totally different.

Human Cheek Cell

            Human cheek cells have a lining of flat and polygonal cells with irregular boundaries, which are arranged edge to edge. As a result, they seem to form a delicate sheet or lining of cells. There is a presence of a small, densely staining structure in the cell nuclei of…

Placoid scales

    Placoid scales are found in the cartilaginous fishes . They are also called dermal denticles. Placoid scales are structurally homologous with vertebrate teeth, having a central pulp cavity supplied with blood vessels, surrounded by a conical layer of dentine, all of which sits on top of a rectangular basal plate that rests on the dermis. The outermost layer is composed of vitrodentine, a largely inorganic enamel-like substance….