My blood with high mag lens

Lots of red blood cells, and only neutrophils, but don’t they look great! Very excited to be able to see my own blood cells with the Foldscope. Blood smear with Wright’s stain, high mag lens, no LED light module. Used lamp light bounced off white paper.

Red blood cells are really biconcave

Red blood cells are described as being bi-concave and with the Foldscope giving a 3D appearance, this is very evident! I used the high mag lens without the LED light module, instead using lamp light bounced off white paper. My blood with Wright’s stain.

my blood low mag lens

Blood smear with Wright’s stain, some WBC’s evident – neutrophil, lymphocyte

Use (abuse?) of stage

I have taken a lot of pictures with my foldscope attached to my phone camera. I am finding that the stage is starting to develop a wave shape that makes focusing a little harder to do. I  have not tried yet to use it without the magnet attachment for the phone to see if the curves…


onion cells stained with iodine, glass slide, cover slip, low mag, 2 – 3 X digital zoom

cheek cells

my cheek cells stained with methylene blue, glass slide, cover slip, low mag, 5X digital zoom

Butterflies oh my

I found a butterfly wing, put it on the paper slide and tried to view it but it was too thick. I was going to reuse the slide so I pulled the tape off and it peeled off a very thin layer of the wing with it – perfect for viewing!

Blood prepared slides testing

I am very interested in seeing what I can do with the Foldscope, examining blood smears. Here are prepared slides, Wright’s stain. 2 low mag and 1 high mag. I am having difficulty with getting a good image with the high mag lens. The LED light gives a cast around the cells. I will try…

Smooth and Cardiac muscle prepared slides testing

      Still playing and lots more to discover. I tried the low mag lens to compare the resolution with standard school microscopes (400 X max magnification) It compares very favorably when using the phone camera’s digital 5X zoom. It takes some practice to get the image I want in focus and get a…