A workshop was organised with the Girl Students of Udaan, which is an initiative of Rotary Club of Elite Balangir on 22nd December 2019. The students are basically from deprived families without the basic facilities of education. The Students learned the process of assembly and application of the Foldscope. It was really exciting and inspiring…

Workshop on application of foldscope in lifesciences

Successfully conducted workshop on application of foldscope in lifesciences in the PG dept of zoology,GMUniversity on 11.4.19.Honorable vice chancellor Prof Atanu Pati ,a zoologist of international stature not only encouraged the students but also experienced the same.

Insect pest of Cabbage

Crop damage by insect pest breaks the backbone of farmers.They apply pesticides by trial as suggested by the shop or company representative in western odisha.if this foldscope will be provided to them the target will be specific.a field demonstration was done near balangir,odisha where crop damage is common.

Farmer with Foldscope

Insect pest is one of major threat to crop damage.white flies damage the leaves of plant specially brinjal.Today visited a vegetable crop field near balangir and farmers used foldscope to see the pest.

Study of microfilarie with the help of foldscope

Filariasis is a vector borne disease caused by a nematode parasite Wuchereria bancrofti.Microfilariae is the infective stage which was observed with the help foldscope at Jharsuguda,Odisha,India

Trophozoite (ring stage)of Plasmodium falciparum

Plasmodium falciparum is one of the protozoan parasite responsible for malaria infection in India including Odisha.The trophozoite stage of RBC is identified by the presence of a ring which is clearly visible with the help of FOLDSCOPE from a interior place of Jharsuguda,Odisha,India

Compound eye of mosquito

Mosquito is having a pair of compound eye which was observed by students of kendriya vidyalaya ,Balangir,Odisha.Compound eyes are made up of large no ommatidia.Each ommatidia is made up of retina , cornea and photoreceptor.