Lead Lead Lead

As a student, I use pencils pretty much everyday. I never realized until now how interesting the lead in the pencil looked. This is why I chose lead to look at this time. I thought it was just gonna be black and boring, but when I saw it under the foldscope, I was baffled. It...

The tissue issue

Since I've been sick recently, I decided to look at a tissue under the foldscope. It actually looked more interesting than I imagined. I thought it was just gonna be a white blob, but instead it had different shades of white and also different shapes. I've used a lot of tissues in the last couple...

Rose Petal

What does a rose petal look like up close? Well, it looked so bright in the foldscope. It also looked like a pattern you would see on a fabric. I liked the pattern because it reminded me of my mom's shirt. The rose petal didn't look a whole lot different from what I expected, but...


What does Nesquik chocolate powder look like under a Foldscope? Well take a look for yourself. For some reason I thought it would just look like little brown specks. Instead it was way more intricate. I love the idea that even though something may be small, doesn't mean it is simple.


What makes a blueberry a blueberry? Blueberries are blue-purple in color and are in things like muffins and bagels. They are small fruits that are grown and harvested. They are delicious.


Why does dust accumulate so fast? Well dust is very small. It accumulates so fast because it is mostly comprised of dead skin cells that have fallen off our bodies.