Observed pollens and petals from different flowers under foldscope

Hands on Training workshop

We arrange one day hands on training workshop for school teachers and students on use of foldscope as a research tool on 3rd September 2019.we given the training of how to assemble a foldscope, slide preparation, observation of different samples of plants, microorganisms under foldscope. Students came from different schools of pune and they enthusiastically…

Infected guava

The fungus taken from infected guava and spot it on media plate. Observed spores under foldscope.

Post harvesting of fungi from green beans

Green beans are known by French beans, string beans.over 130 varieties of green beans are known. We take the infected green beans sample from refrigerator which kept for long duration of time.we isolate the infected beans on potato dextrose agar plate. We got green colour like growth on plate. We observed it under microscope as…

Infected chilli

Chilli was infected with our one fungal isolate, which was isolated from pathogenic gerbera leaf.The infection was seen after 10-15 days. The spores were observed under 40x microscope as well as under foldscope.

Infected coconut leaf

Coconut leaf samples were collected from ICAR Goa. Tissue samples were observed under foldscope. After isolation, the growth on PDA observed under foldscope.

Foldscope workshop

The Assistant professors Ketaki vaidya & Bhagyashree somani of Botany department of Ferguson college (autonomus) Pune , came to learn the foldscope. They both are very much interested to see the foldscope & they both want to use it as a research tool.

Workshop -Vidnyanvahini

A workshop was conducted on 19th January 2019, for the members of vidnyanvahini (NGO) to illustrate the use & implementation of foldscope as a research tool.Vidnyanvahini is an innovative & trend setting effort to reduce the gap in standards of science teaching between rural & urban schools by offering rural school children a means of…

Infected Banana

Infected banana sample were collected from Dr.R.Ramesh:Principal scientist (Plant pathology) & section incharge (crop science). We did isolation of infected banana leaf sample on PDA plate. We got different fungal isolates & we tried to observe it under foldscope.

A plant pathogen- Fusarium

Fusarium oxysporum an ascomycete fungus which comprises all the species, varieties. It is major wilt pathogen of many economically important crop plants. This fungal pathogen affects a wide variety of hosts plants of any age. It generally produces symptoms such as wilting, chlorosis, necrosis, premature leaf drop etc. The known culture of Fusarium were collected…


A visit to ICAR Goa institute for sample collection. Samples were collected from Dr.R. Ramesh: Principal scientist (Plant Pathology) & section incharge(crop science). He is working on biological control of plant diseases. Banana, coconut, papaya leaf samples were collected & observed the diseased leaf samples under the foldscope.

Stomata of Tradescantia leaf

Tradescantia is herbaceous perennial wildflower in the family of commenlinaceae. It is ornamental, often grown as groundcover, mainly for its colourful foliage. It distinctively coloured leaves are silvery green with purple on upper and underneath. We observed stomata of tradescantia leaf under foldscope. Such a beautiful stomata seen under foldscope .