Temporary slide preparation

On 31st December the students of classes 9th and 10th observed various samples under foldscope during a substitution class taken by our science mam. We took an infected leaf and scraped the infected part and observed it under the foldscope. We were excited to observe a microbe.

Day 1 Exhibition at school

On 22 ND December our school conducted Heritage of India exhibition. I was fortunate enough to introduce Foldscopes to everyone. We collected some samples of different kinds of feathers and observed them under the foldscope. I was happy to introduce the Foldscope to my parents.

Field Trip to Lalbagh

We had been to Lalbagh botanical garden from our school to use foldscope as educational tool. We were glad to be accompanied by Mr  A N Yellappa Reddy and Dr. Jayashree, Head of the department of Botany and her students from NMKRV College.  We assembled the foldscope under the guidance of our teacher Mrs Kavitha…

Fungus on Potato under foldscope

A Fungus is a eukaryote that digests food externally and absorbs nutrients directly through its cell walls. Fungi are heterotrophs like animals that obtain energy from other organisms. Fungi are considered serious pathogens to many plants and can cause severe economic damage. Early detection of these pathogens is very important and might be critical for…

Copper sulphate crystals under foldscope

Today I got an opportunity to watch Copper Sulphate under microscope . Copper Sulphate is a sulphate salt of copper. It can be seen as a large, bright blue crystals . It contains 5 molecules of water (CuSO4. 5H2O). It is also known as blue vitriol, cupric sulphate and Roman vitriol.   It is the inorganic…

Ciliated columnar epithelium under foldscope

Last week I was excited to watch ciliated columnar epithelial tissue under foldscope .  I took a permanent slide and observed under foldscope. Watching ciliated columnar tissue was beyond description. I observed that the cells of this tissue were long and had hair-like  projections called cilia .This tissue helps in absorption  and secretion .