Made a case for my Foldscope

  I bought a cheap (97 cent) plastic covered composition book at Wal-Mart and ripped all the paper out, then folded the edges of the cover to make a simple case for my Foldscope. It’s not perfect (the scope can still slide out the ends), but the plastic is stiff enough that I feel very…

Pollen from Hibiscus flower

Pollen grains from an unknown Hibiscus sp. The grains were collected by gently dabbing a tape slide against the anthers. Also included are some photos of the flower and plant the pollen was collected from.

Reaction of vinegar and baking soda [video]

Low mag Some baking soda was placed on a glass slide and covered with a cover glass, then a dropper was used to place some vinegar on the slide. The vinegar was sucked under the cover glass by capillary action and reacted with the backing soda.

Human Sperm [video]

High mag Human semen sample on glass slide with coverglass, approximately 10 minutes after ejaculation.