Pollen from a tree

A medium-sized tree outside my boundary wall provides shade to passer byes in summer noons. These days it is in full bloom with white and purple small flowers. I plucked a few flowers and observed its pollen under foldscope.

Seeds of Stellaria seen through foldscope

Stellaria is a common weed of grasses and fields during winter season. It bears reddish-brown to dark brown coloured, tiny seeds in large numbers enclosed within its capsular fruit. On observing its seeds through foldscope, they were found to be rough and had pointed ornamentation on their surface.

Moldy growth on home-made butter

Some bluish-green moldy growth was seen on home-made butter kept in refrigerator. I drew out a sample and fixed it on slide to observe under foldscope.

Pollen study

Studying pollen using folding microscope has become a fascination with my daughters. Pollen from a flower was dusted on a slide and observed under a foldscope. Gleaming, smooth -walled pollen were visible.

Foldscope instructions

Students keenly taking instructions at a Foldscope workshop@ GGDSD College, Chandigarh. Dr. Supriya handling a group of beginners at the workshop. The students saw permanent slides of different biological samples through their foldscopes. This post is open to read and review on The Winnower.

Epidermal peel of a Cucurbit showing stomata

  A Cucurbit leaf was peeled to observe its stomata under foldscope.  No subsidiary cells could be observed. Are the stomata of Anomocytic type ? This post is open to read and review on The Winnower.

Pollen of white Hibiscus – my first post

Using Foldscope to observe pollen from a white coloured Hibiscus is beyond description. The fact that a microscope built of paper can be used to capture images is really amazing and seems unrealistic till you really try it. I recently attended a workshop on usage and assembly of foldscope @GGDSD College, Chandigarh. The team incharge…