How to identify male and female mosquitoes ? Key characters observed under foldscope

Differences between male and female mosquitoes can easily be observed under foldscope. Males have branched, feathery antennae called Plumose antennae (with more hairs), while the females have plain antennae called Pilose antennae (with few hairs).  The male mosquitoes have a feather like proboscis, modified to suck nectar and plant secretions. On the other hand, proboscis…

Foldscope Orientation Workshop at Bodahapur High School, Goalpara, Assam

A workshop of Foldscope assembly and utilization was organised in a remote village of Goalpara district, Assam: Bodahapur High School, Bodahapur. Students learned how to assemble the foldscope, prepare and attach slide, observation and taking photograph/video using mobile camera etc. After preparation they observed the type of antennae found in male (Plumose) and female (Pilose)…


Foldscope Orientation Workshop at Dudhnoi College, Assam

   A Foldscope Orientation Workshop was organised at Dudhnoi College, Assam. The students were extremely fascinated by the foldscope, which was totally new to them. They learned how to assemble the foldscope and also to prepare slide of Fish Borne zoonotic Trematodes (FZT). They were surprised to see the stages of FZT through this foldscope.