Antlion body surface through Foldscope

Scientific name: Myrmeleon sp. (Neuroptera: Myrmeleonidae)  Antlions have long clear wings with many veins and long delicate bodies. Some of them have dark markings or spots of color in the wings. Plumose hairs are scattered on the dorsal and ventral part of the body. Short, club-shaped bristles with a cut off tip, named dolichasters are…

Pterostigma in dragonfly wing through Foldscope

A pterostigma is a group of specialized cells in the outer wings of insects, which are often thickened or coloured, and thus stand out from other cells. It is particularly noticeable in dragonflies but presents also in other insect groups, such as snakeflies, hymenopterans, and megalopterans. The pterostigma is a dark pigmented spot on the…


Redgram pod trichomes are very important for giving considerable resistance to insects feeding on them. These pod trichomes were observed under foldscope.

Insect antenna through foldscope

Observed filiform antenna from insect antenna part under foldscope. It was curious to observe filiform antenna structure in detail using foldscope.