Foldscope fly

  I thought  a fly would provide more definition to look at in the foldscope.


   I wondered if I could see the red color of the strawberry in the foldscope. I did not see any difference in color in this post, just a little pink.

Apple slice

I wanted to see what a apple slice would look like under a foldscope. I thought that it looked similar to the lemon post I did a few weeks back. It also had a similar density to the Vinca Major. Apple cells were difficult to see.

Vinca Major

        This is a petal from a Vinca Major flower. I wanted to see the veins of the plant in the petal. You can still see the purplish  color.  


This is a post of a slice of lemon. I wanted to see what it would look like In the foldscope.