Human Skin Cell Observation Using Foldscope.

The human skin is the outer covering part of the body. The human skin has up to seven layers of ectodermal tissue. Human skin is similar to the mammals skin. Human skin plays an important role in protecting the body against pathogens.

Human Kidney Cell View Under Foldscope.

The Kidneys are two bean in shape. Generally placed in vertebrates. The nephron is called as the structural and functional unit of the kidney .The renal circulation is the process which supplies the blood to the kidney via the renal arteries.

Brown Algae Observation Using Foldscope.

The name of the brown algae class is Phaeophyceae. These brown algae belong to the group Heterokontophyta. Brown algae used as a food and as a habitat. Brown algae found in a wide range of sizes and forms. When we observe this brown algae under foldscope it look like this.

One Day Workshop On Foldscope In Government School For Student, Pandharpur.

We arranged one day workshop on Foldscope in government school pandharpur. Student are very exited to learn about the foldscope. In the first part we explained about the foldscope. Then with the help of student we prepared foldscope. Then student taken the photographs of pencil graphite and cancer cell image using foldscope. In the last…

Certificates Received Under Different Workshops On Foldscope.

These certificates were received under foldscope workshops conducted on Government schools, Sitaram maharaj vidyalye khardi and Satu Krushna keni vidyalye anavali.respectively,In both the workshops we explain in detail about the foldscope and how to use it. From both the school standard 8th to standard 10th students were participated. Both the workshops were very interactive.

Lily Flower Pollen Observation Using Foldscope.

Pollen Is nothing but the small grain that contains the few cells. It appears as a yellowish pollen grains are the dust like substance that is either dispersed by wind or insects pollens are formed within the sacs in the anthers of the plant flower. This beautiful pictures of lily flower pollen are captured using…

Salivary Gland Observation Using Foldscope.

The salivary glands in mammals are  also called as exocrine glands that produce saliva through a system of ducts.Humans have three paired major  salivary glands also hundreds of minor salivary glands.

Our Second Workshop On the Awreness Of The Foldscope.

Our  purpose  behind  the  school  visit  is  that  make  every  rural  student  aware  about  the foldscope.Students  are  very  exiting  to  learn  about  the  foldscope. with  the  help  of  students  we  prepare different  slides.

Normal Bone Marrow Observation Using Foldscope.

Bone marrow is a semi solid tissue which may be found ,Within the spongy or can cellous portions of bones.In birds and mammals ,bone marrow is the primary site of new blood ,cell production .it is composed of hematopoietic  cells,marrow adipose tissue and supportive cells.