One Day Workshop On Foldscope.

(1) Lecture on foldscope and its demonstration. (2) Demonstration of foldscope (3) Insertion of lenses (4) Observation Of cancer slides (5)Observation of slides (6) Happy faces after using foldscope. Fig: Observation of Brain cancer cell during workshop. Fig: Observation Of stomach cancer cell during workshop.

Hibiscus Pollen View Under Foldscope.

Pollen grains are the male portion of the reproductive process in plants and trees.Pollen grains are vary according to size and shape.Pollen grains have a hard outer portion.

Animal Cell Observation Under Foldscope.

Animal cells are called as the basic unit of life in organisms of the kingdom animalia. Animal cell doesnot contain cell walls.Animal cells having the main function of storing energy.

Adipose Tissue View Under Foldscope.

Adipose tissue is nothing but a fat. It is also called as loose connective tissue. Adipose tissue mainly contains immune cells. Its main task is to store energy in the form of lipids. When we observe adipose tissue under foldscope it look like this.