Chickpea, Cicer arietinum L. belongs to the family Fabaceae.. It is a self-pollinated, diploid and annual grain legume crop. It is a major source of high quality protein in human diet. Roots of chickpea crop develops symbiotic nodules with the Rhizobium bacteria, which are capable of fixing atmospheric nitrogen in plant-usable form.

Four days hands on Foldscope workshop at NCCS Pune

Workshop on foldscope was conjointly arranged by ICAR-NEH and NCMR-NCCS for MeECL school, Shillong class X students under DBT funded project at NCCS Pune. During the workshop, the students were trained for assembling the Foldscope, sample preparation and posting it on the microcosmos website. All the students came up with enthusiasm and curiosity exploring different…

NOSTOC with heterocyst in their filament observed under foldscope.

Nostoc Cyanobacteria with heterocyst in their filament was observed in the water sample collected from the pond near Trimbakeshwar, Nashik, Maharashtra.  Nostoc is the free-living (nonsymbiotic) cyanobacteria capable of transforming atmospheric nitrogen into fixed nitrogen. Particularly efficient nitrogen fixers are found among the filamentous species that have specialized cells called heterocysts. The heterocysts are thick-walled cell inclusions that…

Spirostomum observed in pot water sample

  A drop of water sample was placed on slide and coverslip was placed over it. Spirostomum was observed under foldscope. Spirostomum is a free-living ciliate protist, belonging to the class Heterotrichea. Species of Spirostomum are found in both salt and fresh water. All are elongated, flexible and highly contractile. The body of the cell is long and worm-like.  It is mainly cylindrical…

Pot water sample

      A drop of pot water sample was placed on a slide and then coverslip was placed over it. Paramecium was observed under foldscope.

T.S. of Pea Root

Transverse section of Pea Root seen under Foldscope using Methylene Blue stain. Samples were surface sterilized and then embedded in Paraffin wax for thin sectioning.