Day 2 of exhibition held during December

Different varieties of Hibiscus microworld was shown to the big crowd of visitors during the exhibition. All the visitors were thrilled to observe the microscopic world and appreciated the creation of foldscopes. Thanks to Prof. Manu Prakash and his team for the creation of this wonderful tool.

Biology practical class using foldscope…

Foldscopes were introduced to II PU students at Siddaganga college on 3ed January, 2019 during their Biology practical class.They prepared the onion peel cell and stomata to observe through the foldscope. They also enjoyed observing permanent slides related to their syllabus. The similarity and difference between the compound microscope and foldscope were discusssed.

Foldscope introduction..

The following specimens were observed under the foldscope during the workshop conducted at Askakiran Vidyalaya, Mysore.

Workshop on assembly of foldscope

  Class-8 Objective-Assembly of foldscope Even though our 8th standard students are using the foldscopes, they did not have any first hand experience of assembly  of foldscope and they wanted the demonstration of assembly of foldscope. Hence conducted the workshop on assembly of foldscope to give them hands on experience. Observation-Infected  leaf  in a plant…