Cow bone marrow

Kidney bean like structure with many dark spots around it.

Cow Bone Marrowpreparation wet gentian violet dye

Pig bone

Small clear circle object in the center

Marisa Cicak

Here you can see that this is from the Cow bone marrow. If you look close you can see vein like texture in the lower part of the marrow. The coloring is the blood and plasma from the Cow.

Cow marrow

  Two cell like structures that have purple spots in the inside.    

Pig bone Perioseumprepation dry
Cow Bone Marrowpreparation wet gentian violet dye

M.A.S High School student

This experiment was very exciting, it was something different. this picture is of a Cow bone and it was dry. At first it look like a worm but soon saw moving cells which was exciting. I hope to do something like this again cause it was a lot of fun!

Pig marrow and Cow marrow.

Pig marrow sample collectedPig marrow collected from a pig bone.Wet preparation using a blue stain.From a cow bone.

Pig Bone Marrow

These are pictures from the experiment that we did in my nursing class. We took some bone marrow from a pig and put it on a slide and used a foldscope to look at it. We also used some blue dye to show what the bone marrow looks like when it holds dye. What is…

Effect of Electrolysis on Rust

Students in the CTE Autobody Careers performed electrolytic rust removal on old parts.  These are images of the rust and residue collected before and after the treatment.