Fungal growth on strawberries

I had brought a box of strawberries from the store and as I opened the box, the upper layer had healthy, red strawberries, but in the lower layer, a few had rotten and showed fungal growth. When seen through a foldscope, fungal rot was confirmed.

Fungal spores on yeast cupcakes

Yeast cupcakes left unattended for some period were seen to get contaminated and some fungal growth developed. Sample was drawn from the infected portion and a temporary mount was prepared to observe under a foldscope to find Aspergillus species.

Mushroom spores

Mushroom spores are one-celled, reproductive units. Spores are different in size, shape, and color, so act as an important  identification feature for  a species of mushroom. I went for a nature walk and seen some wild mushrooms I prepared a slide and Foldscoped it. observed spores-these are one-celled, reproductive units -capable of germinating into mycelium, under…