Studying post harvest loss in pea through foldscope

Lesions were seen on pea pods stored in refrigerator. The colour of lesions varied from translucent to brown. On observing these under foldscope, it appeared to be some fungus post-harvest loss in pea pods.

Pollinia of Calotropis under foldscope

Calotropis commonly called as Ak in native language is a milkweed because of the milky latex produced. Calotropis is a common weed found abundantly in North India. The peculiar thing about its pollen grains is the formation of Pollinia. Using a foldscope I could easily observe and understand the structure of a pollinium. From a Calotropis flower, I firstly…

Wild plants of Chandigarh – Specimen 5 (Chickweed )

Common name – Chickweed Botanical name – Stellaria media  Family – Caryophyllaceae Collection site – Sector 32, Chandigarh Habitat – Common chickweed is a very common annual weed of lawns and fields. Habit – Winter annual herb Stem –  Erect, branched, herbaceous, green, pubescent bearing a single row of hairs on alternating sides Leaves –…

Bacteria from my hands

I have tried to observe microorganisms from my hand so imprinted my hand on a nutrient agar plate and incubated it over night . Nexxt day Observed some colonies on the plate I prepared a smear and Gram stained it and observed the slide under foldscope.   Hardeep