Neushul Bio60_2019 Post 5

This is snake skin from a pet snake. I do not know the age of the snake. As you can see, there are sectors separating the different colors and lines in the snake skin. I do not know when the skin was collected and some of the coloring could be due to the time between…

Neushul Bio60_2019 Post 4

This is a post of an individuals hair. The individual had just showered and cleaned their hair. The hair is black and coarse. The post displays what a hair folicle can contain, as you can see, there are several particles on each folicle.

Neushul 3 Bio60_2019

For this sample I took a swab of Up & Up light blue hand sanitizer. The scent was “Beach Paradise.” I took a small amount and put it on the slide before it dried out. The hand sanitizer had little to no contact with the air before being placed on the slide.

Neushul 2 Bio60_2019

I took a sample from my mouth. I used a Q-tip and then swabbed a light amount on to a slide. I was able to see various microorganisms, but none were moving. I took the sample an hour after brushing my teeth.

Neushul Bio60_2019

My photo is of a Fern Rhizome. There was no movement in the sample when I saw it through my Foldscope. This was one of my first posts and there was some movement with my phone camera when taking the picture, which accounts for some of the bluriness. However, I could clearly see different textures…