Motion detection in Foldscope videos using Python and OpenCV

Last year, I was introduced to a wonderful scientific instrument called the ‘Foldscope’. I have spent hours observing things with it. One of my favorite past times is to observe ciliates using the Foldscope. Ciliates are very simple single cell organisms which are easy to find and come in numerous shapes and sizes. Most ciliates…

Creating ‘anti-squish’ slides for observing insects using Foldscope

Introduction Ever since I got my hands on a Foldscope, I have been pretty much obsessed with it. I have used the Foldscope to see and discover many interesting things. One fun activity, I am sure every Foldscope user must have tried, is observing insects using a Foldscope. If you have ever tried observing insects you might…

Pollen from a Spider Lily flower

Slide was made using cellotape and paper slide. I cut part of anther and placed it on piece of cellotape. Then placed another piece on top of it and removed it. Then used one of the tapes that just had a layer of pollen grains for observation. Found this technique very effective and convinient.

Fern Rizome

Images of a fern rizome (from a prepared slide that I purchased along with Foldscope). Please don’t hesitate to correct the image captions in case I got them wrong !

Style and Stigma of a rose flower

Stigma of a rose flower showing 'en abancio' shape. Trichomes attached to the style of the flower. Thanks @TeamFoldscope for helping me figure out. More Trichomes

Rose Flower

Closeup of anther Closeup of anther. Connection of anther and filament

Parts of a flower

Closeup of inner layer of sepal. Anther This flower was used for the study

Onion Peel

First image I took using my Foldscope. Impressed with the details I could see!