i want power magnification

How to improve the magnification of foldscope. i want the higher level foldscope to observed the slides….tel me sir.


Observed pollens and petals from different flowers under foldscope

Hands on Training workshop

We arrange one day hands on training workshop for school teachers and students on use of foldscope as a research tool on 3rd September 2019.we given the training of how to assemble a foldscope, slide preparation, observation of different samples of plants, microorganisms under foldscope. Students came from different schools of pune and they enthusiastically…

One baby hatched!!

Last night I collected a few more Drosophila eggs for my trial 2. One of these eggs showed a lot of movement which was super exciting!!! But I decided to ignore this one. This is because I was dedicated to capture a timelapse from a very primitive stage of the embryo. I wanted to capture…

Hatching Drosophila Babies (Trial 1)

Ever since I joined CHG, Bangalore as a Master’s student, I’ve been surrounded by fruit flies in the lab. This is my first time handling these creatures and I am always amazed by how well these flies have been taken advantage of.One of the new things I’ve learnt here is to culture fruit flies and…

Foldscope and Microscope compare image

kindly we started using foldscope to observe microorganisms which was stained using grams stain and lactophenly cotton blue stain.The image appeared to be less visible when compared to microscope.The slide has been mounted can be viewed in microscope and foldscope to find the difficulty in observational issues. The image observed through foldscope will be attached…


This is the image of my eyelash which was fallen on my shirt...Instead of wishing for something I decided to check it under foldscope.


This is ink substance which I collected from 'Octane Ball pen'. Ink is one of those everyday things we don’t tend to notice .

Tabebuia or Trumpet tree EKYA Schools JP Nagar

Tabebuia is an important timber tree of Tropical America . Its wood is exceptionally durable in contact with salt water . It takes anywhere between 3 to 24 years to flower . Its native to west Indies, Central and Tropical America . It is part of the Plantae kingdom. The first picture is the stamen…