2 day-Foldscope Workshop@GGDSD College

In the series of workshops conducted under foldscope project, another two day workshop was held @ GGDSD College Chandigarh on 20-21st Aug. 2018. Students were made aware about foldscope, its assembly and practical utility was demonstrated on first day. During the two day workshop students got an opportunity to learn about the concept of a foldable…

Science Exhibition Bhadravathi Taluk , Karnataka, India Won Third Prize

Its an initiative to bring the rural students into Foldscope community. Science Teacher Ms. Chethana of Govt High school, Arekere Village, Bhadravathi Tk approached me to know about Foldscope and its uses. As per the instructions given by me she has guided the students to exhibit and display the Foldscope and students tried to focus…

Puvidham – North east twinning programme agreement

Puvidham fold scope project got a chance to twin with Mr.Mudang Omo , Lecturer, SCERT, Arunachalpradesh.  we are planning to collaborate with him in the future. North east twining agrement – by Mudang Omo, Arunachalpradesh

Foldscopes on the go! A follow-up workshop for TSWREIS teachers

Following our earlier two day workshop in June, teachers in 10 residential schools of three districts of Telangana introduced foldscopes into their Grade 8 and 9 classrooms. We kept in touch with them, some long-distance and the nearby ones in weekend visits. There were a few unexpected starting hiccups, that we shared in the last…

Demonstration of Foldscope to KV teachers at GGDSD College

An interaction with a group of 40 teachers of Kendriya Vidyalayas was organized at GGDSD College, Chandigarh, as part of In-service course organized by (Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan Zonal Institute of Education & Training ,Chandigarh),  It was outcome of combined efforts of training associate (Biology)-KVSZIET , Mr. S. P Singh and team foldscope@ GGDSD. Participating Teachers…

Observation of Chlorella.(with the  help of foldscope  on a slide we have notice the cells and the small particles of chlorella.

Observation of fern rhizome.
Visualization of microorganisms by foldscope

Assembly of foldscope

Assembly of foldscope is going on . Our project assistant Ria Sen Chowdhury is leading the assembly.

Tibetan and Nepali Videos of Assembly Process!

Videos of the Foldscope assembly process are available in Tibetan and Nepali on our YouTube Channel! https://youtube.com/c/FoldscopeInstruments Check them out, subscribe, and spread the word. We owe incredible thanks to the monks who created these videos & Pamela Bjorkman for contributing this fantastic resource to the Foldscope community. Rebecca

Blessed Green Backdrop of Punjab Fields

A drive was planned near the tricity to various Punjab fields during the monsoon yesterday. It was found most fields turned into pools of water to support the kharif paddy crop in the  month of Savan (mid July to mid August). We have collected samples from the fields and foldscope it. In Microflora of fields…

Udhayachandran IAS, TamilNadu School Education Secretary

I met Udhayachandran IAS, TN School Education Secretary, to implement the foldscope in govt and aided school. He invite me as a resource person to give a training program for interested school Teachers during September 2018. It’s my pleasure to share with all you people.

Mr. Robin Yein, Agriculture Extension Officer describing about identifying insects in Mustard cultivation by using Foldscope...


TeamFoldscope heading out to Latin America

Friends from Latin America, After a month of planning; Team Foldscope is off to Latin America. This has been a long time coming; with partners around the world. It just took us some time to gather together the resources to make a big trip (thanks for all the support). In this first round, we will…