Foldscope@Govt.High School Yadadore, Karnataka

We the Foldscope lovers from GHS Yadadore, Mysore District Karnataka are really lucky to have this project. Ours is the only Govt. School From Karnataka. I thank Team Foldscope for giving this oppurtunity for us. I have some photographs and video clippings of foldscope training and field level activities conducted from april 2018 to till date….

Our Fourth Workshop on Foldscope at Dinhata College

We have a good experience at Dinhata College  where we arranged our 4th foldscope workshop on 20th September 2018. Students as well as teachers were  were so eagerly awaited to listen foldscope and were so humble to observe under foldscope and capturing picture of the sample  by touching their phone’s screen . They observed pollen…

Our 3rd foworkshop at Department of Botany, NBU

This is our 3rd  foldscope workshop in Department of Botany, North Bengal University on 10th September 2018. Teachers, Research Scholars and students – all were too excited  about the foldscope.  Students of Botany,  Tea Science  and Bioinfomatics were assembled in Botany Dept.  NBU to participate the workshop. They were very curious to know the easy…

EURAXESS ’18 Research Day

I attended  EURAXESS’18 Research Day at The Oterra Hotel, Bangalore on 26th September 2018 and became a EURAXESS Ambassador.  I am planning to pitch Foldscope Outreach Program in EURAXESS Platform as well as to conduct events/program in rural part of our country.


Our 2nd workshop at Tufanganj college

We arranged  our 2nd workshop at Tufanganj college on 31st August 2018.  Our Co-investigator Dr Debashis Das is from Tufanganj Mavidyalaya.  About 70 students participated the workshop.  They were very curious about foldscope.  Everyone is interested to avail foldscope .They observed onion peel,  stomata, paramecium under the foldscope.

This is our 1st workshop on Assembly and uses of Foldscope  at Alipurduar College, our Institution. Students of Biological sciences were participated .  About 80 students participated the workshop.  They were so excited having foldscope and observing under foldscope . Algae,  RBC, pollen of flowers were observed.


  ICAR- National Organic Farming Research Institute (NOFRI), Tadong in collaboration with  Department of Botany, Nar Bahadur Bhandari (NBB) Degree College, Tadong organized one day workshop for “Orientation on  assembly   of   Foldscope   and   its  utilization   as  a tool for identification of  plant  pathogen  and  its effect  on   host” for the third semester students of botany…

Thrips on brinjal leaf

My grandma  is  fond of gardening and has maintained a kitchen garden. Last weekend I visited her place and was helping her plucking green chillies and bottle gourd, when I noticed some powdery mass on the lower side of the brinjal leaves.           I thought it was powdery mildew. I plucked a leaf to…

Observing Mint Flowers under foldscope

After attending workshop @ ggdsd, I have tried my foldscope and observed some mint flowers under it. Mint  belongs to a family of strong-smelling herbs. Leaves are opposite i.e  two leaves instead of one arise at every node.  The flowers are usually irregular (bilateral symmetry),   often looking like little dog-heads. I have observed some flowers under foldscope.

Poster making competition on prevtion from mosquito bites and its life cycle

Poster making competition for class vi – viii was organized aiming to spread awareness among children about the life cycle of mosquito and deadly diseases caused by them. These children will participate in study of life cycle of mosquito using foldscope. The foldscope was announced during competition. Prizes were given to 1st, 2nd and 3rd…

Fodscope workshop among the uundergraduate students of sibsagar Commerce College.

#indiafoldscopephase1 Lecture series 2

  Lecture series 2 Another batch of TGT from state government of Madhya Pradesh attended orientation program at DEK NCERT New Delhi… 28 Teachers / Teacher educators amazed to see.. Hands on activity using foldscope.. They enjoyed ncert lab manual activity using foldscope for classes 6 to 8 and classes 9to 10…they were happy and…

presentation on foldscope in commerce college how to make it..with the P.I Pankaj jyoti Hazarika.

Third foldscope workshop among the undergraduate students of Sibsagar commerce college, Sivasagar, Assam organized jointly by PI pankaj Jyoti Hazarika with project fellow Swabry ullah and other members of foldscope community and PI Dr.Saumar Jyoti Mahanta with group.

Nature walk to Botanical garden

As a part of series of workshops and visits under DBT sponsored project on Using Foldscope as a teaching and educational tool.  A group of around 50 Students of GGDSD College, Chandigarh visited the P. N Mehra Botanical Garden, situated in the P.U. Campus on 13th Sep 2018. The visit was organized to study the…