Piel de pepino

La observación de hoy fue la piel de un pepino. Cortamos la piel del pepino. Sacamos una parte fina de la piel y la colocamos en nuestra muestra. Logré ver unas líneas grises y círculos. Sacamos una muestra mas del pepino. Esta muestra es de la piel fina verde. Logré ver solo unas líneas verdes….

Hoja de lavanda

La observación de hoy fue la hoja de lavanda que encontré en el jardín. Logré ver unas líneas delgadas. También vi unas bolitas pequeñas que creo son las células que la conforman.


Rotifers are microscopic animals who live in lakes, ponds and in any humid environment.

Pollen of Convolvulaceae

Pollen is that dusty thing we usually see on flowers, but have you ever imagined how it really looks under the microscope? Actually the morfology of the pollen is diverse and it can change a lot from plant to plant, in this one the pollen looks like mini golf balls.


Stomata are pores on the epidermis of the plants and they allow oxigen to get in and carbon dyoxide to get out, water can also leave the inside of the plant from here. These ones are from the epidermis of Crassula ovata. We can see how the epidermical cells are colorless but the stomata are…

Bougainvillea bracts

Many colours are usually found in the bracts of plants of the gender Bougainvillea and it’s very common to confuse them with petals. In this pictures we can see the veins.

Soros de helecho

Microfotografía de soros de helecho tomada utilizando el foldscope y cámara de teléfono celular.

Small Fly

While studying outside at Encina Commons, a small fly kept hovering over my computer so I decided to catch it and take a look at my first animal organism under the microscope. I was careful not to crush it too much, and laid it out flat on the glass side with its back and wings…

Gummy Bear Wrapper

I have a bunch of gummy bear wrappers in my dorm trash, and was curious to see what the plastic wrapper would look like up close. I cut a small piece with scissors to examine. #Bio60_2021

Banana Peel Fiber

Bananas are my favorite snack, so I examined a banana peel fiber from yesterday’s snack in my dorm. I ripped off a small piece that was dangling off the peel, and noticed it was browning a bit compared to yesterday. At first, the piece I examined was a bit thick, so even with bright light…

First Post: Live Ant!

First time using my Foldscope! For my first post, I observe an ant that I caught from our garden at home. I was beyond excited to be able to see the tiny everyday insect up close like never before. It was a bit tricky capturing the little guy and getting it to stay on my…

Nematode from Palo Alto Baylands

I collected mud from the Harriet Mundy Marsh (see previous post) and captured this worm–likely a nematode-in my foldscope. #Bio60_2021