Hair follicle

The base of the hair follicle is called the bulb. The hair bulb contains the actual hair producing part (tissue) known as the Dermal Papilla. The Dermal Papillae connects with the blood vessels to draw the nutrients for hair growth.

Elodea plant cell

This Elodea leaf cell exemplifies a typical plant cell. It has a nucleus, and a stiff cell wall which gives the cell its box-like shape. The numerous green chloroplasts allow the cell to make its own food (by photosynthesis). The central vacuole takes up most of the volume of the cell. It is transparent, but…

Observing Microscopic Stem Hair

Trichomes are fine outgrowths or appendages on plants, algae, lichens, and certain protists. They are of diverse structure and function.

Exploring the flora of a Botanical garden

With an aim of exploring nature using foldscope, a nature walk was organized by GGDSD College, Chandigarh. On 13th September, 2018, we were taken for a visit to the P.U botanical garden.  This beautiful garden is taken care by Botany department of Panjab University, Chd. On reaching the garden, we were greeted by the calm…

Psyllium husk (Ispaghula)

Psyllium husk is used to increase dietary fibre. Met analyses show it is of benefit for irritable bowel syndrome and decreasing LDL cholesterol. It is also of benefit in improving blood sugar control in type 2 diabetes mellitus.. Here are some images showing psyllium husk with polarized light, plane polarized light and a short video…

Protozoa in healthy Rumen Vs Rumen acidosis

Rumen acidosis is a serious condition by which there is a drastic decrease in the pH of the rumen in cattle. Rumen lactic acidosis develops in ruminants that have ingested large amounts of feed rich in carbohydrates. It results in the production of large quantities of Volatile fatty acids (VFA) and lactic acid, thereby decreasing…

Nature walk to Botanical garden

As a part of series of workshops and visits under DBT sponsored project on Using Foldscope as a teaching and educational tool.  A group of around 50 Students of GGDSD College, Chandigarh visited the P. N Mehra Botanical Garden, situated in the P.U. Campus on 13th Sep 2018. The visit was organized to study the…

Grasshopper leg(バッタの足観察)

  授業での観察記録です。 サンプルは鴨川公園で捕まえたバッタです。 撮影はiPadで、写真は何も加工していません。 デジタルズームも使っていません。

Cricket leg(コオロギの足観察)

授業での観察記録です。 サンプルは鴨川公園で捕まえたコオロギです。 撮影はiPadで、写真は何も加工していません。 デジタルズームも使っていません。


  The pollen of unknown flower studied under foldscope. How can I identify the family of this pollen?? Could any one lead me through please?   #helpneeded


Lol.. Mosquitos are so mean it never shows mercy to anyone especially HOSTELLERS. so we tried to study under foldscope to give a best punishment for her. How sensitive it is they finally this curios make me to study further about it. The average mosquito can drink 0.001-0.01 milliliters of blood the average adult. Human has roughly 5 liters of blood. so it…


We collected the sample of  wet organic fertilizer by the NSS volunteers of SSN College to study the micro organisms growth. #foldscope #organic #farming #fertilizer #sample #students #ssn #nature #nss

Plankton collected from two of the wettest places on Earth

Our work is documenting the plankton community from lakes and ponds in East Khasi Hills of Meghalaya including those of Cherrapunjee and Mawsynram (two of the wettest places). Together with the students’s help, we surveyed and collected the plankton and observed under the Foldscope. We would like to put a few pictures of plankton (Cladoceran,…

Foldscope demonstration

students of one of the sections of  class x were so excited, they all want to get their own foldscope

Stylonichia ciliate under foldscope

The ciliate was isolated from a soil sample collected in the rain water which flooded the nearby park of RPVV Shalimar Bagh School few days ago 

Reviewing Dimorphic pollen in gourd

Reviewing my foldscope explorations on presence of different types of pollen in gourd, I plucked a flower from the same vine from which the previous flower was obtained. Teased an anther to dehisce its pollen and fixed them on a slide to view through the foldscope. The captured images showed the repeated results of dimorphic…