A pool of life!

I noticed a green layer (presumably algae) growing on the terracotta pots on my terrace. All the pots have greenish growth on them, but they all look very different. One pot had a layer which was considerably thicker, and easy to scrape off. I soaked bits of it in regular tap water and let it…

Sedum adolphi ‘Firestorm’

As a succulent enthusiast, the object I have chosen for scientific curiosity is a succulent called Sedum adolphi ‘firestorm,’ which were taken from my personal collection of succulents. I find it exciting to learn about the utilization organisms to produce or carry out functions related to the biomedical field. Examples are Escherichia coli, Saccharomyces cerevisiae,…

Moss springtail/ Colémbolo en musgo

Springtails from a moss sample! I was looking for tardigrades, I had never found Collembola in moss. Maybe a member of genus Brachystomella? ¡Colémbolos en una muestra de musgo! Estaba buscando tardígrados, es la primera vez que encuentro colémbolos en el musgo. ¿Podría ser del género Brachystomella?

Foldscope Figures

Not entirely sure what this is but it has liquid-like features. I was trying to to zoom in on cinnamon sugar when I came across this and decided this looked cooler (the cinnamon sugar clumped up so it did not make for a good sample). I'm thinking it's tape glue. My slides stuck together unevenly...


Bird feather, filoplume under the foldscope.

Wasp wing

Photos of a wasp wing taken through Foldscope

Spores from a Tiny Fungus

Living in Florida sure does have a few benefits. Fungi grow everywhere here! When my professor in Central Florida gave me a foldscope, I didn’t know which fungus to look at because there are so many! In this photo circled is a mystery fungus that I wanted to look at. Also in this picture is…

इवळी, Morning glory

English names: Little Bell, morning gloryScientific name: Ipomoea trilobaMarathi: इवळीSanskrit: लक्ष्मणाBell shaped purple flower with heart shaped leaves.Pollen photographyShape: Spherical ball with spikes.

Hyphae on Grape leaves

Posted By: Diala Chahine Stuffed grape leaves are very popular in the Middle Eastern countries. Since I moved to the states, it has been hard to find Middle Eastern food to eat around the area. My dads uncle was visiting Lebanon and mentioned that he is able to bring back grape leaves branch. These grape…

Images to feed Foldscope AI

In this post I am sharing a link for my drive where I upload images every time I do experiment. Foldscope Team will be using these footages to train the Foldscope application to recognize the organisms. Maybe you like to check if you have any images unshared, please do share them here and try to…


Pulga de agua desde Xalapa, México.