Tomopteris is a marine planktonic group of polychaete worms. They are very common in all they oceans and seas, many of them living in the deep-sea. All of these tomopteris species emit blue light, called luminescence. Tomopteris helgolandica emits also a yellow light. All Tompteris are transparant . It feeds on other plankton members. (…

Fungus grown on bark

I came across this fungus growing on dead bark of betel nut tree. I picked few fungus, observed there and then using paper slide and cello-tape which I carry in my foldscope kit. I collected the bark sample to prepare the slide of the fungus using Lactophenol blue stain for identification.


Spherical colonies of bright green Volvox cells rotate in unison

Translation of Foldscope Instructions in Tamil

Learning in local language is easier and makes the learner independent. Foldscope being a frugal innovation it needs to be taken to the mass. Language should not be a barrier for the user. Especially for the young minds, understanding in their own language makes them explore and think beyond. Our Foldscope team lead by Dr.Uthra...

Spirochetes in rumen fluid

DBT Foldscope scheme – “Foldscope for diagnosis of rumen acidosis and parasitic infections in cattle” Spirochetes are motile, spiral bacteria. Bovine rumen fluid contains large numbers of spirochetes. Spirochetes are capable of fermenting polymers that are commonly present in the plant materials. Polymers such as xylan, pectin and arabinogalactan are used as substrate by spirochetes….

Holotrich Protozoa identification in a field setting

DBT Foldscope scheme – “Foldscope for diagnosis of Rumen acidosis and Parasitic infection in cattle”. This post is in response to Manu Prakash’s comment on our previous post (Holotrich protozoa – from Rumen fluid). Rumen fluid was collected from an healthy cow  (Figure 1) in a sterile container (figure 2).  A drop of rumen fluid was…

Foldscope Workshop in Govt. P. G. College, Sehore, Madhya Pradesh

Postgraduate students of Govt. Chandrashekhar Azad post-graduate college sehore participated in the one-day hands-on workshop of Foldscope and its uses on 15/11/2018. The students were enthusiastic as they want to work on the aquatic microbiology but because of the limitations of the conventional microscope, they were constrained to work with the limited number of microscopes…

Observing freshwater microorganisms that can live on top of a tree!

Last month, I had the chance to enjoy a bit of my summer vacation by going to a beach in the serene province of Zambales in the Philippines. Initially, I only planned to catch some marine zooplankton as I thought those creatures would be very interesting to look at under the foldscope, and would make…


Osmium sanctum A common plant in India, Tulsi can be easily found in Indian homes. Image attached shows you the pollen of Tulsi plant with the help of a foldscope.