Peculiar characters observed in flower of Thorn apple (Datura)

Thorn apple – one of the poisonous flowering plant in nightshade family was seen growing along the banks of Ghaggar river in Panchkula district of Haryana (India). It commonly grows as a weed in waste lands along roadside and railway lines. It has trumpet shaped flowers and a spiny capsular fruit with numerous seeds. The…

Moldy growth on Dairy Products

Milk cream left out in open inadvertently during rainy season showed a moldy growth. When seen under a foldscope, a network of aseptate hyphae could be figured. Some sporangiophores bearing sporangia were seen. Trying to go for its identification it was a black mold with white cottony hyphae. The sporangiophores were spherical in shape and…

Flower of Adam’s Needle

Botanically known as Yucca, is a plant of ethnobotanic importance. Its stiff and sword-shaped leaves  have pointed tips The bell-shaped flowers hang loosely in clusters giving it the name – Christmas bells. It is a plant cultivated in rocky gardens and xeriscapes, but otherwise found abundantly in dry wastelands. In my beautiful city Chandigarh (India),…

Mint flower and leaf under Foldscope

Mentha (mint) is an aromatic plant, distributed across Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, and North America. Leaf colors range from dark green and gray-green to purple, blue, and sometimes pale yellow. The flowers are white to purple. We observed mint flower and leaves using foldscope. It was a very simple sample preparation, for leaf, I directly placed my…

Moldy growth – In my room wall

A dampened wall due to seepage from rainwater drain pipe was noticed in my room wall and prompted by the post on ‘Air borne fungi’, I mounted the same on a slide to observe under a foldscope. I  was surprised to see fungal hyphae and some unidentified cyst- like structure. However, I could not  identify…

Moss in rainwater

After a few monsoon showers, the water in the large rainwater pool looked quite clear, showing no obvious sign of life, even under the foldscope. But standing in a bottle over 18 days, it got steadily cloudier. Our first surprise came when, at the foldscope workshop, teachers from TSWREIS Chilkur school put a drop of…


PM10 collected from outdoor environment.

Bdelloid rotifer in fresh water

This smallest animal of the Earth was found in drainage water of Dhakuakhana area, Lakhimpur, Assam. The male organism lack of digestive system, our finding may be a female one.

Sticky pollen in Duranta

Foldscope unfolded sticky pollen in another plant – Duranta erecta commonly called Damyanti. Duranta erecta is a common shrub cultivated in gardens as a fence is an invasive species. It bears small blue to purple somewhat tubular flowers hanging out in terminal clusters. I split open a flower to separate stamens and carpel. The petals…

More Potash

Here is a short polarized film of potash which contains a number of potassium compounds. You can see the birefringent potassium nitrate crystals.


Stained Biofilm from marine water. Poonam Singh CECRI


Here is Potash with polarized light and you can see the birefringent KNO3.

Epidermal Cyst

Section shows covering stratified squamous epithelium and flaky keratin material inside as seen under Foldscope from R D Gardi Medical College, Ujjain

Spotted dove sitting on the stone…. Nature’s ♥ by Abhi

This is the Beautiful bird of our Area Nainital with great knowledge of beats inn known as Ghuguti or Spotted Dove.  I still remember, When I was 7 years old, The Hot summers,  when it used produce sound I really used to get bored and lazy n so I sleep!😂 Ah!!  MISS THOSE DAYS Kingdom:…

Beautiful blue magpie running in the town….. Nature’s ♥ by Abhi

Beautiful n pretty/handsome (Since, don’t know the gender) red-billed blue magpie giving pose as if it knows the fact wê are taking its picture. Lemme give some information abt this beautiful bird with help of a source! Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Aves Order: Passeriformes Family: Corvidae Genus: Urocissa Species: U. erythroryncha  

‘Pollen world of plants’-3

African marigold is one of the species of marigold genus.It’s scientific name is Tagetes erectus.It is also known as Mexican marigold.It is a bisexual flower having both stamen and carpel.It belongs to family Asteraceae and has racemose head inflorescense.Stamen is present inside the staminal tube and are 3 in number.Synantherous condition is seen here.Stigma is…

‘Pollen world of plants’-2

Portulaca plant is also called as rose moss.It is grown as ornamental plant.Main feature of this plant is that it is having fleshy leaves,stem and branches.It is a dicot plant.Here i observed the pollens of this plant. This post is open to read and review on The Winnower.


                     STEP #1: FOLDSCOPE ASSEMBLY Jennifer Tellis, Savannah Baptist, Siddhi Parab,Maya Murdeshwar and Sujata Deshpande St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous), Mumbai “Endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful, have been and are being evolved”   ~ Charles Darwin.              To our group…

‘Pollen world of plants’-1

Flowers are the organs of sexual reproduction in flowering plants.Their biological world is astonishing.The sexual reproduction is carried out by sexual organs called stamen(male sex organ) and carpel(female sex organ)in them.These sexual structures produces gametes which fertilize during sexual reproduction producing zygote.The stamen consists of anther and filament.The anther is also called microsporangium where microspores…