More Gem Pics

Here’s a few more that I got in my 1st round: 2 natural Emeralds on left, Synthetic on right.  Emerald with natural inclusions below. Synthetic emerald (hydrothermal), showing wavy growth lines internally, across facets. Melt relic, showing that this Ruby is natural, but has been heat-treated.  The dark crystal at the epicenter expands at a…

More Gem Photos

I studied gems with the Foldscope and found it to be a pretty awesome portable tool.  Couple of issues:  using hard gemstones with pointed culets, I happened to scratch the lo-mag lens.  Switched to hi-mag and tried to be more careful, but that’s definitely a concern.  I had some tiny gems glued to slides to…

Welcome to Foldscope

I recently had the wonderful pleasure to visit Manu at his lab in Stanford.     Here I am at home, assembling my first Foldscope.  What fun!   After playing around a bit, we took a little pond water from outside to take a look. Here’s my first Foldscope image (many more to come!).  This…

Foldscope calibrations and measurements – or pixels and spider silk

Objective:          To photograph the LED (light emitting diode) pixels on a computer screens with my samples of Foldscopes and to calibrate the lenses. In addition, the Foldscopes will be use to examine some spider web silk fibers. Methods and Materials:        Two Foldscopes from the Foldscope kits were assembled using the L1 140X lens and the…

Just starting out

I just started using my foldscope about a week ago and absolutely love it. I wasn’t really sure what to look at at first so I tried flowers, leaves, and some spider legs. Today I took the scope with me to work and showed a bunch of coworkers and friends and they were all amazed…

Bonsai Chinese Elm Leaf

My first time using the phone camera with the foldscope. The photos are a little blurry, but I hope to improve my technique over time. The leaf itself was very small, about 1 cm in length, so there is not a lot of detail. Happy Foldscoping!!

Here is our first micrograph.  We already are thinking of ways to create a micrometer for some student projects!  Thank you!

Blood on a bandage.

 I was doing some work on my car. I got cut, after I cleaned it up and put a bandage on it. I wondered what my blood would look like under a foldscope and here we have it. 


These photos are of a red leaf taken from a Poinsettia plant. The pictures are of different veins in the same leaf. The red photo was backlit by an incandescent lightbulb, while the purple photo was backlit by an LED.